Working and having bipolar

It’s hard enough gettng a job, but what about the ones that require a urine sample. That’s the problem I am running into right now. I wont pass with all the meds. I am on and I don’t want to tell my new employer my mental status, since this is a job that requires brain work. Has anyone ever come across this, if so what did you do? I really need this job…

Just quick one to say well done realy please for you best of luck!

Best of luck to you. You can do this!!!

Enigma- I’m so glad you went for it! I’m really proud of you! Good luck!

Got the job…orientation is on Wednesday…alittle scared.

YAY!!!You’re going to do great!!Congradulations!

Told you. (I like saying that:}) Don’t be scared, you’ll do fine. Just keep your positive attitude and you will be great. Good Luck!!! Let me know how orientation goes.


My orientation went great…I start tomorrow on Monday. She said she’s going to train me to be a manager…that’s good news. I think I am going to like it there. There is some really nice people and one not to nice and I’ll be working with her…So how are you doing or feeling? Christine

I’m glad things are going so well Christine. You deserve it. Good luck today. Do you like what you are doing? Manager huh? That’s great. See, and you were worried…


Christine, I’m so proud and happy for you. Wow, being trained for a manager?! It just goes to show that others can often see potential in us that we don’t ofter see in ourselves. Good for you!Hopefully that not so nice person that you are working with will end up being OK. Some people make a very bad first impression and end up being great people. Again, GOOD LUCK!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  woohoo :slight_smile:

i got bullied at work for being depressed yrs ago… didnt know i was bipolar then. My bro was, and was having hard time. I worked as therapist at mental health house for women at time, strangly enough!? I got told to leave in the end. Then my bro hung himself and the onslaght of my illness throttled me…and never really stopped since…2004 march 4th. Worse time o my life, and it started with narrowminded boss of mental health unit!!! I cant bare working since.

Oh my gosh shah, what a horrible time to have to go through. I am so sorry for your loss.I can’t even imagine…It’s so unspeakably horriffic that at a workplace like that they wouldn’t have helped you through something like that. They should have provided you with understanding, empathy and resourses. I  have worked as a councellor for children with special needs, From experiences I have heard,sadly,sometimes places like that expect you to be superhuman and “together” at all times. The expectations can be impossible.If being a therapist was something that was a good fit for you, I really hope that in time you can find a workplace that has a more “human” perspective. There are some out there. Good luck to you.

Shah, I am so sorry to hear about your brother and the pain it caused you. I know how hurtful it is to lose someone. I lost my boyfriend when we were in a mototrcycle accident. That was my sons dad...I was pregnant at the tme of the accident but didn't know it. It's hard...

I know how hard it is to go back to work....It took me three years to go back to work. So far I am doing good. I just get real nervous at times at work and getting ready for work...It's hard but I force myself to leave the house every morning I go to work.

So sorry about your about your brother...


Thankyou for your support. My family all got on with life after... back to work and social life , you know, in weeks! Even though i know it was hard, they were able. I just couldnt. Cant. Like so much changed in those few yrs. Not just Brian dieing, my nan, dad, too. Lost job/carreer trained for: Counsellor, due to mental illhealth, and tried/failed to retrain as teacher of psychology. WELL DONE TO ANY TEACHERS!!!!!! It SOOOOOO hard!!! Worse job ever!!

Training to be hypnotherapist/counsellor now. Self employed. Cant deal with another poor boss/bully. I dissapline myself enough.

Sorry to hear the pain we all encounter on this site, Life hurts sometime, huh?! But we still carry on, and some really do suffer. Amazing resiliance we humans have. Its encouraging...sometimes!

:-) x