Would u take it with out support

well im going to start my med for hip c and every one says it make u real sick . well i really dont have no one to help me i live with a abusive man and we dont get alone to good at all. well i would just like to know would u start this treatment if u had no one to help u. i dont want to start and have to stop could someone please tell me how it made them feel i have 10 puppies, to care for and my house and 5 big dogs do u think i will be able to do this alone . because i know he want help me i think i could move in with my mother but she is old and has bad nerves fusses all the time make me realupset i just dont no what to do i want to get my ssi but i have to start the treamentr first im so confuse could someone please help me tell me what to do. im going to start the treament but i need to no how sick i will be

I really dont know what to tell you.? It is very easy for me to sit in my chair and give advise. I do think , if it can make your life better than it is worth a try.I will pray for you, for peace in your life and health


So this is medicine for Hepatitis C? Can you move away from the abusive boyfriend? Maybe you could get away from him and into a stable living situation. See if your city has a subsidized housing program for the disabled. I have my own place because I was able to get into a Section 8 housing subsidy program. I would hate for the medicine to make you sicker, initially, when you have no place to turn. If there is not a time-deadline for taking it or for getting SSI, I would try to find safe, stable housing first. Good luck. It sounds very hard. Can you reach out to friends or a church. You really need a community to support you while you go through this. I got SSDI and SSI with the help of my city’s Independent Living Resource Center. See if you have a women’s center. You could call around and explain the abuse of your boyfriend and see if you can get help, or get out of there. God Bless.