Your experience with Digestive enzymes and Chronic Pancreatitis?


I’m pretty new at this and was recently diagnosed with CP.

My doctor is assessing the digestive problems. Firstly, I find that when I’m not hungry, in pain and don’t eat I seem to gain a little weight and can’t get into some of my clothes.

Does/did anyone else notice this? Also, I find eating most things difficult to digest.

How do you feel once you go on digestive enzymes and do you find a lot of side effects? Do they alleviate some of the pain? I guess they should.

Thanks for any and all input-


When you say your clothes don’t fit, could it be you are bloated? Gas is a horrible thing when it gets trapped and it can cause a tremendous amount of pain. In my experience, the pancreatic enzymes help with digestion if I take one 1/2 hour before meals and 2-3 with meals. The malabsorption has been much better with this combination. As far as pain goes, they also have helped me with this to a certain extent but there never seems to be enough pain relief.

Good luck and best wishes for pain free days and nights.




Thanks so very much for your reply. I really appreciate your input and I agree…there never seems to be enough pain relief. In my case, mornings are the worst on a regular basis. Interestly the “big” attacks (sending me to the hospital) come in the afternoon… an interesting disease.

Thanks again!