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i am an alcohlic and have been for 10 years i am looking for people to talk to in my age group as i do not meet alot of them for support and freaind ship


hello all im a alcoholic tha need to have freinds that will be on line all the time for the chat to get me though this ok and hope that i can help you also we need this to work


My name is ashley im an alcoholic at the age of 20. I am here for help and support.


female 46 divorced 2 children


I think I have a drink problem,but am unable to find any body to verify if indead I do.Will talk further with someone willing to listen.thank you.


i need some help before this gets out of hand and i really hurt someone i care about.


anyone trying to live clean and sober


With the recent help of medication, cognitive behavioral therapy and AA, I appreciate life more than I used to, but I still have way too many bad days.

By habit, I tend to complicate my life by trying to do too many things at once and by worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. With the help of my therapist, I am attempting to simplify my life by learning to be in control of things rather than have them control me. I have to remember to be patient with the results of my changes because these are habits that have been ingrained in me for years and years. But I have hope that I can do it.


I’m here to find people that have the same problems that I do and to research and get opinions and advice. Also to give opinions and advice, I have alot of experience unfortunetely.


I am on a journey, and today it brings me by you. Shadows follow us like a good friend, never failing to be by our side when we are in the dark and in need of light.


I am a mother of two children. A 4 year old daughter Named Kaylee and a 1 year old son Joshua.


I was diagnosed with IBD…3years ago but recently have been having episodes back to back…I intend to see a new doctor after the first of the year and I would like to be better educated on what is out there for me in terms of relief.


Chip is my nickname. Had UC for many years (diag in 1976, born in 1958). Diagnosis was always “iffy”, maybe UC, maybe Crohn’s, maybe Crohn’s colitis. Had surgery to remove colon and fabricate internal pouch done in 2000 - biopsy from colon was 100% UC, no observable sign of Crohn’s in colon or small intestine. Now quite sure I have Crohn’s in at least one area (near surgery), and may have had it but thought “this was the way life was going to be” since the surgery. PS - have Osteoprosis and cataracts (removed) from Prednisone use.


I grew up in a town outside of New York City, moved to Maine in 1979 to go to college. Have done a lot of traveling in between and lived outside the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park for awhile, I’ve lived in western Mass, and have lived all over southern Maine. I have two children, Josh, 17 and Nicole, 16. I raised them as a single mother, when their father decided to disappear when the kids were still in diapers - never to be found again - at 39, I finally found someone to spend my life with, but my kids are my joy and my love and my heart. We went through so much together, and have a bond that those who have struggled understand well. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder…I am also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict (12 years).I am trying to overcome all of these things, some days are good, and some are really rough, but this is what i need to deal with. I love to be alone and live a very quiet life. I live for my music, it feeds my soul, and i love to read, and am trying to perfect the art of stained glass. In my heart there is an artist that wants to be released but hasn’t found the perfect outlet yet…I spent too many years of my life being badly abused in every way, which left its scars, but made me the person I am today. I try not to dwell on the past, although I do get flashbacks from time to time, and when I get them, it’s like i am reliving them and it is very painful, but then I also realize I had someone watching out over me, because I really shouldn’t have survived; but I did. I love the peace I feel from living in the woods; I love to hike up mountains, have spent a lot of time climbing the White Mountains in New Hampshire haven’t done it in a while, but hope to get back into it again. there’s nothing that feels quite like standing on the top of a mountain - it’s magical. I love anything that has to do with art, even my pathetic guitar playing, and even though i have a terrible voice, i love to sing, i feel music in my soul…there’s not much more about me, except that I am happiest when I am outside, waking through the woods, sitting by a river, kayaking, x-country skiing…just put me outside - that is where I get my spiritual strength from…


I’m alcoholic (spelling sucks) anyhow I’ve been drinking sence I was 12 year old.
I am a hippy, I love being different. I like hemp work braclets and neck lace of such I use beads as well. I love tv, and horror shows-I love my pets- 2 dogs 3 cats, 18 zebra finches birds and 2 parakeets .
I also love my beloved son and husband.


My name is Melissa and I am a recovering alcoholic. I am 41 years old.


where do i start? i come from the best family i could possibly have wished for! my mum is the finest lady in the world by a mile! my two sisters are my two favourite girls and i love them to bits as well as boos little girl elouise, so why oh why do i drink so much i wish i could stop!is there anyone out there feeling the same? i am at my wits end.


Im a drunk with a mental illnes loney loser what else you need to know


I want to be able to ask questions regarding to Alcoholism mostly, as I am an alcoholic. I’m interested in the subject of making amends. I also am Bipolar; I have Borderline Personality Disorder, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Depression, and Arthritis.