Alcoholism Member Introductions


Refer to my story


im 33 years old and drink wine every nite.


my partner suffers alcoholism and i need answers!!!


Just lost a great friend to Parkinson’s (he killed himself); divorced, drinker on and off my whole life; AA member in Forest Park before 2nd marriage; love animals (have cat and dog); terrific cook; can be a loyal friend; retired; own condo; trouble handling death of friend less than week ago and will probably go out & bet a bottle after writing this; or not. Is there anyone out there listening?


My husband and I are alcoholics and need help. He leaves for long periods of time for work and I am lonely. I need someone to talk to


I’m a concerned mother with a son who has a problem with alcohol. I want to know how to deal with him.


I am a 43 year old wife of an alcholic. We have been married for 3 years, but his drinking is just getting worse. I want to connect with other spouses who are experiencing the same things as me.


im a 36 year old alcoholic. which has left me diabetic and suffering from chronic pacreatitis,also idont type to good.


I am a single woman in my late 40’s and I believe I am an alcholic. I don’t go out but I drink at home. I want to be happy again and don’t know how to get rid of my drinking problem. I guess the first thing to do is admit that it is a problem.


I’m about to be 35, been married for 10yrs and have 2 kids a girl 5 and a boy 2. Seemingly perfect. Been on and off antidepressants for years and I’ve only quit drinking when I was pregnant and breast feeding.


My name Is Rebecca and Im a recovering alcoholic and addict.I come out saying that because I think it helps me to stay present.Ive been sober many times and learned tool every time but I never worked them.Today Im proud to say I really am sober and Im gratefull to my program and for the fellowship.Alcoholism is a very lonely isolateing deasie.But whaen I ask my creator to provied Let me tell you he gave me back my life.He showed me the way and he stands with me everyday and when I cant stands he carries me.I have three kids.Young boys that now look up to me.There proud of me.What better gift is that.Ive been a stay at home mom for yrs now,but now am i really able to enjoy it.Life I find Is to short to do otherwise.I hope that somebody can find words of insperation in my story and so that my open the door to finding there own joys in life.But like all alcoholics I need friends.People that can look past the drunk in me and like me for the person Im working to become.So please feel free to say Hi.


Hi I am a 39 year old woman whose partner is an alcoholic who has now lost his business and has not worked for a year. I am a professional divorced woman who owns her own home and would describe myself as attractive, intelligent, from a stable and loving family background and reasonably well adjusted! I have read many books on alcoholism and really would like to chat with sufferers of this disease to learn more. I have been with my partner several years. He now admits he has a problem which is progress in itself but is dragging his heels over rehab. At the moment my mental and physical health is suffering. I am feeling very down, isolated, lonely and finding it difficult to concentrate at work. I don’t know what to do for the best and although I love him to bits I know that my only option may be to leave him although this will break my heart. If anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated.


I have been married for 4 years now and my husband has left me and my kids. He is verbally abusive and what I consider a alcoholic. I have been in councilling for the past 2 months and found out I need to get out of the relationship before it gets worse but before I could talk to him and have the both of us seek professional help he decided to leave and get his own apartment. I am left with the house and the memories that reside here. It hurts to know that he is willing to just throw our marriage vows away. I want us to get help together but he doesn’t seem to be willing to do much right now. I realize it the best thing that probably has happened to me and my kids but I am single again and don’t want to got through this alone. I am looking for support to help and him to reconcile!


Looking to help others and be helped; get people’s positions and experiences with their recovery process, AA, etc.


I am stuggling with addiction, would like to meet others who understand.




I am 56 yr. old female suffering from alcoholism as well as depression, i live in bc canada in a small town , i also live alone and am not able to attend aa meetings. and would welcome fellowship from this site


I live with my two alcoholic parents, and just want to meet some people who understands what it feels like to live with alcoholics.


I am a woman, a mother, an artist, a poet, a sister, a daughter, and most of all a part of humanity hoping to serve humanity. With 16+ years of sobriety after decades of alcoholic self-absorption, it is my goal to be of service, to help others combat crippling depression associated with HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, addiction, etc. By facilitating a positive, productive, esteem building outlet, I believe it is possible to help convert the “failed” human concern to a successful, more fulfilled one, at least for a while and without adding to or interfering with current medical prescriptions. At Urban Art Retreat, it is hoped that we can provide CarePlace and the many it serves with an additional benefit at no monetary expense to the organization or the population it serves.


30 year old from england in the uk at the moment i am finding myself.