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Hi, I think this is the first time I have posted here (not always been in land of blivion). Have been drinking for 20 years, am 36.

I quit drinking after abusing the dreaded drink on 14th January this year for 12 weeks. Subsequently got the flu and head started going wonky (shaky) so I hit the bottle to try to get rid of it and made me worse. After a week I called the doctor who has sinced prescribed me librium and have now been dry again for 1 whole week. Been reading stuff on here and you all sound great albeit in need of support a la moi.

Will keep reading on and hope to all for future. By the way, alcohol has also made me agoraphobic and cannot seem to get out of the house as I have always had a drink before venturing out. Have been seen by a psych and he referred me to a specialist clinic (if I can get there) fingers crossed.

Love to all and bless for the future.



Trying to live for the moment! I want to connect with positive people who are looking to change their lives for the better.



I am here to connect and learn from others.



I’m trying to recover from a few self harming situations. I would like to quit drinking and learn to take better care of myself.
Also alternative approches to depression and anxiety rather than meds.



How to handle with loved ones…



Hi, I’m John and I’m an alcoholic. I’ve been very successful in AA (I have four white chips in three years - lol). I’ve gotten as far as the fourth step but that’s it. I keep dropping out, even though I have (had) a good sponsor. I started going cold turkey on Sept 1, 2007, mainly because I found myself getting drunk after two glasses of wine due to my new med (Zoloft) that I’m taking. I feel great while drinking those two glasses, but afterwards the whole world crashes in on me and I find myself majorly depressed for days afterward (sound familiar, anyone?)

I’ve belonged to the depression group for a while now and thought it was time to join the alcoholism group.

That said, I just want to say “Hi y’all”.




Hi John, welcome to Careplace!!! I wanted to tell you that I am too a recovering alcoholic it’s been 3yrs 9mos. and wow what a difference! You have to stay strong and open up and talk about it, I found myself wanting a drink in the bad times, but know i will be dead if I ever drink again! So here are BIG HUGS to you and I know that you can’t beat the deman!!! I will pray for you and god will see you through this tough time…Your caring friend here on Careplace :slight_smile: Mrs. Barb
PS: you can add me to your friends list if you would like, or I can send you a friend invite…
Have a pain free and alcohol free day :slight_smile:

From: pooch
Date: 2007/09/05 Wed PM 05:30:09 CDT
Subject: Re: [alcoholism] Alcoholism Member Introductions



Hi Pooch, just read your message, hang on in there, we are all in similar situations with the horrendous affliction we never asked for. Alcoholism! So glad you recieved a positive reply, this end i am just over 2 years clean yet it sadly took me over 6 years to arrive to where i am today, i am sure, like most of us, i have tried most things for recovery and every time it went wrong, boy was i good at beating my self up, well, today i believe and realise that where the illness took me to and my journey towards my own recovery was a total learning process, i use many tools to keep me safe, mainly trying to keep life simple! easier said than done! and i try to remember the Pain, mental emotional and physical. for me yesterday is history, today serenity and tomorrow a mystery. what ever tool, support that is out there, wonderful if it works for the individual. Pooch, for myself i certainly believe the best and most successful programe out there is the individual. yet, i have yet to meet or know of anyone recoverying without any support of what ever nature. I owe loads of gratitude to others and am very humble individual towards so much and to so many. I hope this gives you support and strenth to allow a peaceful night and deal with tomorrow as and when it comes. Take care and keep plugging on. Prawney.



Thank you, my Friends. You’ve helped me in that you’ve let me know I have friends to talk to when I start thinking about my next drink. God bless.



I don't know what brought me here but I know there is a reason. At this time I have been drinking for the past three nights and can't wait til tomorrow when I paticipate in Irish bowling with a full cooler of booze. It's a town wide event open to all; as many small towns find activities revolve around alcohol and I'm one of the first persons to sign up.

Father is an alcoholic though he says only alcoholics go to meetings and since he doesn't he's only drunk. Mom is a closet drinker; hiding from her second husband who used to be a drinker. As a result I would love to drink 24/7 however between family, work, and medications I need to stop.


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