Asperger's Syndrome Member Introductions

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community. Everyone here has something to share about Asperger’s Syndrome. For the discussion boards, we ask that you keep your full name and location private.

Dating a man who appears to have AS

hi there, i work with the careplace team. i think careplace is awesome. i hope it will really help people to share, support eachother and learn. we can all use support and understanding and it is so important for all of us who have experienced difficulties to have a safe and informative forum in which to do so. thanks for visiting - it is really rewarding for all of us to see people reaching out to eachother - it is what careplace is all about.

Life is about health, family and friends, but sometimes its hard to keep focus on what is most important

Hi, I am the step mother of a 8 year old boy with Asperger’s. I am not much on posting but I like to take in as much info as I can on the condition. Thnks for letting me in on your group. I look foward to learning as much as I can.

Hi, my name is Jennifer Rose and I am joining because I have aspergers. Not only do I want to know more about it, but get to know others with it.

Hi all, My name is Angela and I have a 13yr old son with Aspergers Syndrome. He was diagnosed at 6 years old and it has been an uphill struggle to get any help. (Help? What’s that?)

I’ve been talking about this condition in therapy and both my therapist and I believe I have many symptoms of Asperger’s. It’s nice to finally put a name to something I’ve suffered for years. It makes it easier to cope.


My name is Donovan Arnold. I live in Boise, Idaho. I hope I can meet some new people on here.

Hi everyone,

I am the mother of 3 children on the spectrum. My daughter (13) has Asperger’s Syndrome. She has been on the honor roll forever, usually with straight As. Emotionally she is a powder keg. This is not new since turning 13, by the way. Asking her any kind of why, when or how question can send her into a panic.

My sons (12 & 10) have autism. The older one is usually quite calm, but has some real control issues, that have evolved with him. As long as he is getting what he needs/wants, he is a great kid with amazing powers of memory. Loves anything to do with dinosaurs or animals.
The younger one is facinated with anything electrical, movies, comuter games, the internet, music. He is funtionally nonverbal, but gets his needs/wants met by shear perseverance. ( I think he uses psycic powers to control my mind;-)

They are my everything and my hands are no fuller than anyone elses. I’ve seen some of those “typical” kids and I wouldn’t trade for a minute.


hi im rosieposie im married with 4 sons 2 of which are going through the process of being diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder its took a long time to get this far and a long hard fight but we are on the right road now i hope oh we have a dog who is 12 and is as mad as a hatter

I’m interested in all types of Abnormal Psychology. Mainly because I’ve been a poster child since I was born; being diagnosed with Autistic Disorder at age 2, OCD at age two, ADHD at age three and Social Anxiety Disorder with Selective Mutism at age four. The list still goes on, and so do I.

Hello, David???

Hi! I’m a 19 year old girl from Iran. I was recently diagnosed with asperger’s. I’d love to get to know and communicate with other people on the spectrum, learn from their experiences and probably share my own. I also have a mild expressive language disorder so I apologize if my writing isn’t very good.

My son was diagnosed with AS at age 5. He is now 13 and doing fabulously :slight_smile: I now have a nice little library at home about AS. I feel like I could have used a support system when we first were learning about AS and I also feel that you can never stop learning more!

Son has AS/HFA . Would like to talk to parents of other children with similar difficulties.

I live in Oxford and work with childen with autism and severe learning difficulties

Sorry I’d better write my intro properly I didn’t realise it was going to be visible:)

I have four children , and my youngest, Charlie has moderate learning difficulties and is also on the autistic spectrum. He’s a passive little fellow most of the time, talks the hind leg off a horse and talks his obsessions a LOT. he is also quite an anxious child, who likes everything to be just right. He’s nearer the aspergers end of the scale but does have academic delays.

My job is working with children with severe ASD ,SLD and very challenging tobehaviour in the special school we both go to:)

Look forward to meeting people here:)

my son is eight years old and we have had a long road the last four years just getting him the help the school that he needed instead of being branded a discipline issue or to just toss him out of mainstraim and i just want to further help him since i cant change everyone around him as well as i am a single mom with a four year old

Hello. My name is Dan. I am a computer geek and live in
the greater L.A. area. I seem to have a mild form of this
condition–I have always been regarded as somewhat
eccentric–and am interested in an online support group.

My 14 yo was diagnosed with AS a couple of years ago, so I’m hoping to gain insight and more knowledge on how other parents are handling this syndrome.