Autoimmune Hepatitis Member Introductions

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I was recently diagnoised with Autoimmune hepatitis. I am having a hard time understanding my condition and the reactions to the medication versus the condition itself.
I would like to connect with anyone who has any thouhgts or experience dealing with this.

I have autoimmune hepatitis, and I’m always looking for more information.

I’m Paula and I have had autoimmune hepatitis (at least a diagnosis) since 2001. I like to hear others share their stories of diagnosis, treatment and coping.

Hello, I was diagnosed with AIH May 2004 and am currently in remmission. thanks you for letting me join. Debra

I was diagnosed with AIH 5 years ago and am currently doing well. While I relied on the AIH support group for encouragement and information at first, I now have trouble finding time to follow. Maybe this new site will encourage me to encourage others!

My daughter Caitlin was diagnosed with AIH/PSC overlap at age 14. Interested in any and all info regarding this disease.

I am the mother of a 26 year old male with Autoimmune Hepatitis. I would be interested in connecting with other mothers in similar situation.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago, still learning…thank you

My name is Bronwyn and my daughter Emily, aged 7 was diagnosed with AIH last August 2006. I would like to have contact with the parents of other children diagnosed with this disease and am also interested in setting up a support group in Australia, as there is nothing down under.

My name’s Cheryl. I’m 47 and was dx with AIH in 2003.

I have been living with AIH for three years now, doing pretty well but want to stay up to date with what is going on.

I have AIH and cirrhosis…I’d like to connect with other people that also have AIH

My name is Lynn & I live in VA. I was diagnosed with AIH in June 2003. I am currently in chemical remission on prednisone & Imuran. Would like to know more about how this disease is contracted, what other people afflicted have done to help themselves, other conditions they have in conjunction with AIH & auto immune diseases.

Hi I have cirrohsis & AIH, I have all kinds of questions, all the time. right now it is with treatment of prednisone. I’m going out of my mind. But right now I just wanted to introduce myself

I am interested in this condition because i have it. I am not on any meds at all and i am interested in finding out whats going to happen to me and how long its going to take for me to die from it.

Sept. '04 I was dig. with AIH with a very high enzyme level. On Prednison only, down to 5.5 daily but still very fatigued. I have alot of aches and pains and want to know if this is just normal. I am getting better month by month but hate the style of living I have to live. My energy level is very low and I get on a pitty-pot on occation. I just want my life to be back to nornal. Is that possible?

My girlfriend has Autoimmune Hepatitis

Hello to all. I am writing because I just found out that my LFT’s are triple the high normal value and am worried that I may have AIH. I also suffer from Hosimoto’s thyroiditis which, according to my last labs, is in the normal range for now. I am afraid that my Dr. isn’t being agressive enough in trying to find out what’s wrong with me. I am a very new nurse that takes care of patients nearly everyday with slightly elevated LFT’s and the Dr.'s are running a very long list of tests on them to find out what’s wrong and I am worried I am being overlooked. How bad are my LFT’s really? My ALT was 96 (normal 17-63). My AST 153 (normal 15-41) and my LDH was 313 (normal 99-192). What are these values compared to your own? How agressive should I be in getting an answer? Thanks in advance for all your help. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Very curious- suspect a family member has it