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I am Anand from Mumbai (India). I got Beckers Nevus in my left hand arm since childhood. Just wanted to know can it be removed with minimal cost?

I’m living with a large BN on my chest, my shoulder and my arm. I live France. I’m not alone in this world.

Hi there. Newbie here, 31yo chinese males from Singapore with BN on right shoulder…still wondering if there are ways to remove the “trademark” i got… o well. :slight_smile:

i would like to expand my knowledge og the beckers nevus disorder

My son has a beckers nevus. Looking for the latest info, resources, procedures.

I am a fair complexioned female with BN on my upper left back. Luckily, it is not hairy. I always thought that the ugly brown patch was the outcome of a boil that surfaced on my back several years back. It was during a recent trip to a dermatologist that I realized it had a name - BN. I never considered getting it treated and never saw a dermatologist so far. It was some online discussion of a brown patch resembling the beginning of skin cancer that scared me enough to finally go see the dermatologist. I must admit that I let my hopes soar and felt that I may be able to get rid of it. He told me that there was no cure. I felt disappointed that with all the advances in medical science, there been a cure for this ugly condition. I believe that lasers have worked in some cases. I am hoping that those of you pursuing it will share your results and help the ‘not-so-sure’ ones like me make a decision.

By the way, some searching on the internet also lead me to information on corrective cosmetics like Dermablend and I tried its leg and body creme. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong shade and did not get the perfect results like those claimed in the testimonials. I want to believe that trying the right shade would help me, even if only temporarily. Let me know if any of you have tried cosmetics and with what results.

A healthy discussion about BN will help us vent out our emotions and learn about the latest medical advances. Let us hope that a cure will be found or that atleast laser surgery will improve enough to generate good enough results. In the meantime, let us focus on our lives and on enjoying it as best as we can!

I’m 16 and living with BN (a large patch of it on my chest) is not a great feeling. I really hope a cure is found soon. Has anyone heard of any results with the Er:YAG laser?

Hi I am a software engineer from India, I have had this problem for last 6 yrs. I consulted many doctors and most of them told its birth mark, now I have done a skin biopsy and came to know that it is Becker’s Nevus. The nevus makes the skin looks ugly and I would like to get rid of it. I hope I will find great help from here.

I also suffer from this condition and I really want to now if you now any treatment that will improve our image as well as our quality of life that i think it is conditioned by BN.

I heard about laser treatments like the rest of us, can anyone confirm if this treatments have good results?

It wasn’t until I was a teenager that my nevus could clearly be seen. It’s about 8-9 inches and splotchy. It’s on my right side, rear torso (below the waist). I can go shirtless and you’d be hard pressed to see it. Mine does have fine hair growth on it. It’s a shade or so darker than my skin (I’m asian) but…not really dark at all.

It used to really bother me so…I sought out treatment. I had a doctor try to spot test laser treatment many years ago. Dang, that was sore (even with that numbing procedure). Sounded like (and felt like) rubber bands snapping against my nevus. Smelled like my ass was being fried. In the end, it didn’t do anything positive for the nevus.

Now that I’m in my 30’s and married with a 6 y/o kid…I don’t even think about it much. I guess I’m at that point in my life where I’m trying to be ME…not blend in with the crowd. I would not be who I am, act like I act, say what I say if…I didn’t have this nevus.


My name is Chris i am 16 and i have beckers nevus on my upper right shoulder. My nevus appeared about a year and a half ago and has been there eversince. I am happy to say mine does not have hair. I have tried laser surgery to reduce the pigment color, but it was unsuccessful. I dont know what kind of laser it was but he called it “The all things brown laser”.

My son began to develop this condition when he was about 8 or 9. We thought it was just a type of birthmark until it started to spread about 4 years ago when he was 15 and we finally had it diagnosed. It started to grow coarse hair when he was about 17 and I have been keeping track of the ongoing conversations regarding laser hair removal, electrolysis, tattoos, etc. to see if I can do something for him that will make him feel better about it long-term.


I have it on my left shoulder. I found it when I was 15 yrs old… Very bad.

Hi I’m currentrly 22 years old and have a BN on the front side of my left arm and like everybody else with BN I’m looking for a cure.

I I am wondering if anyone has any experience with removal of Becker’s Nevus. My 10 year old daughter is developing a large, light tan patch with fine hair on her right shoulder. It is really large. She is a dancer, and it is very noticeable. Has anyone tried laser for this? I think it is too big for cutting out, it is as big as my whole hand, and she is small. Suggestions?

a young man with hairy B.N. on his left upper back (near left shoulder). I’m most eager to know how I can get rid of the hairs of my nevus permanently. Is laser treatment can eliminate it for ever?

Hi. I have lived with this condition since around 14 years old. It started off quite small then grew very large with acne during my teenage years. I saw many people who said that nothing could be done. I finally paid privately to see a consultant who gave me the name Becker’s Nevus. It was a relief that it was called something in that it had been seen before. However, there was no effective treatment available.

I have tried laser treatment but this did not help much. At the higher power levels the skin started to scar, so treatment stopped.

I must admit living with this condition is difficult. I do feel very self conscious about it due to it’s visible position on my body (upper right chest area). It is not the kind of thing that you simply drop into conversation especially as a male! However, finding this forum (finally) it is nice to know that there are other people in the world who have it too. I was beginning to think that there were nobody else.

Looking forward to seeing if any developments occur in the future.


I am an Asian and have a Beckers Nevus on my chest.