Bipolar Member Introductions

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Hi there,

I’m newly diagnosed one year ago, bp1, unemployed part time student. Married, one son who is 15 and the light of my life.

My son suffers from manic depression or bipolar condition and is going through a bad patch at this moment; I am looking for support and guidance in how to deal with this condition.

I got my nick name when we had a youth group out of our home. My heart always go out to all ages of kids that just need some TLC, I like helping the under dog if it a anaimal in need or a human.

hi My names Ross I am 26 and work Runnin a small building company in south east london. I like to spend my spare time going to the gym kickboxing and at any chance go diving not enough though! I have posted on this site top talk to people with bipolar as since being diagnosed in 2003 i never realy talk about it. This site seems to be good idea.

I am a grand mother who just found out that her daughter in law is bipolar; the mother is not very caring about her 2 week old baby.

I have bipolar as an unwelcome guest in my living

My son has bipolar; my husband was diagnosed 30 years ago with depression, and I have been on Celexa for about 2-3 years, but I feel pretty bad now. I’m anxious to talk to people with similar experiences.

I have been living with depression my whole life. Within the last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar and I am looking for others who have Bipolar to discuss and share experiences.

I suffer greatly from bipolar disorder.I have been an inpatient at the David Lawrence Center and became extremely discouraged when they could not help me.

I struggle with alcohol and substance abuse.Wanting to connect with someone who is happy to be alive in spite of their condition.

This illness (bipolar depression) makes me feel very isolated and the more alone I feel the more anxious I become. I’ve been battling depression all my life but didn’t really suffer with continual anxiety until I became pregnant with my daughter. After she was born I was diagnosed as bipolar and was started on meds. Almost 18 years later, I am still trying to find the right combo.

Now that I’m 50, I’m experiencing even more things to make me anxious. Not feeling needed by daughter who is a senior in high school with a car, job, and friends. My husband is busier than ever with his career and left yesterday on travel for 12 days.

I’ve given up on church people - they just want to involve me in community service and attribute my problems to hormones - funny but my gyn is not concerned with hormone issues at this time. I’m still pretty young and vital for my age. I need to interact with people who undestand what I’m going through not want to brush it under the rug. As I said before, I’m on meds and in therapy but I need some real friends who I can care about and will care about me. Friends to share fun activities with or maybe take a class with. E-mail buddies too! I tried to create AIM for myself but my daughter has an account already. Mine did not seem to take. Can you only have one free account per household?

I could also use a job. I was a proofreader up until November, until I started getting anxiety attacks at work. I never had to take anti-anxiety meds at work before and decided it must be the dictator-like boss that was causing me distress.

Being home alone is almost impossible without my Klonopin. Other meds include: Lithium, Neurontin, Serequel, Levoxyl and an occasional muscle relaxer - Zanaflex. Finding a job is so scary for me because I worry about disclosure and/or urine tests. Is there a job out there that will pay me what I’m worth (I’ve have been working on and off but mainly on since I was 19). I think I would make a great writing coach.

To add to the anxiety is acute nerve damage in my left arm that affects my left hand (from falling asleep in a chair for a little over an hour). I have to type using my left thumb - how dumb! I loved doing cross stitch and playing the violin before. I can still paint figurines (fairies and angels are my favorite using acrylic paints and spray or brush-on gloss). I am teaching myself to draw using graphite pencils and colored pencils. I’m great at writing poetry. I love to laugh at other people’s jokes and come up with some funny stuff myself from time to time. Who out there wants to have some fun!

i suspect that my wife suffers from bipolar disorder, however it is a very soar subject w/her including depression. she gets very angry if i hint or suggest that she may be derpessed or even worse that she could be bipolar. she has already been diagnosed by her new ob/gyn as being full blown menopausal. yet from what i gathered from her recent visit she did not tell the doctor the whole story and therefore is only being treated for menopause. i love my wife very much and i want the best treatment for her, but she refuses to admit to her long history of battling this mental disease and most recently it has manifested itself in a very long manic episode which in turn has now caused her much remorse and now wishes that she was dead. she was very delusional during her manic episode and refused to believe what everybody advised her to do espcially me, her husband. it seemed the more i told her the facts the angrier she got and when her work associates and friends would tell her the same thing i told her she would at least listen to them but still refuse to believe them. i need to learn from other bipolar sufferers or spouses of bipolar sufferers how they have handled like situations and i want to keep the dialogue on a very “positive” note. i do hope and pray that there are people who have had similar situations like mine who can carefully and lovingly understand my plight and most importantly my wife’s struggle with this disease.

I have bipolar disorder, which mostly is made up of depression. Lately I have been feeling better since I joined Careplace. I am looking for support.

Hi, I am 27 yrs old and I live in London with family & currently work in the city in marketing for an IT company, where I am just about to hand in my notice. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar earlier this year and have been put on medication & seeing a physiatrist, but not enough. So I am feeling that I have no therapy at the moment to help balance with the medication. I am & have been having many attacks over the last 6 months that have been so hard to deal with. I am also waiting on an appointment for ADHD screening and CBT therapy & the alcohol & drug support agency that I have been trying to get through to will not pick up the phone - so needless to say I am & have been feeling very much alone & scared.

I look forward to chatting to you.
A :O)

I am Bipolar, and although they say it is mild, and I can believe that, at times it is very difficult to live with, esp. when I start going into an episode. I want to connect with other people that are bipolar, and esp. when I’m beginning to go into a crisis stage, or episode. I need someone to talk right then that really understands. Sometimes I’m fine, and can be encouraging to others, but when I’m on the down side, I’m no fun to be around. Even lately, my manics are no fun. I have a chronic kidney failure condition, with one kidney as well, so the doctor had to reduce my meds for the bipolar. So now I’m taking only 150 mg. of Welbutrin, as compared to 300 and only 600 mg. of the Neurontin, as compared to 1800 mgs., so the manics are breaking through. I’m a rapid cycler any way, so any reduction in my mood stabilizer can really affect me. So hopefully, I’ll find people in here just like me

Mama to four, former amateur stage actress/director, currently pursueing writing

I am a 50 year old woman living with Bipolar 2. Have been trying different meds for years now. Have not found one that works for me. They always have bad side effects or just don’t work. I would like to hear what works for others. I feel like I am in one of the lowest points of my life. I just want to feel good again without wanting to withdraw from everything like I do. If there is anyone here with Bipolar 2 please talk to me.

I suffer from anxiety, tension,stress,and chronic fatigue. I am being treated for bipolar depression and would like to connect with a bipolar person or group.

I enjoy learning, camping, watersports, and beachcombing with my family and friends.

dx: Recurrent Major Depessive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
current rx: Lamictal 100mg; Wellbutrin XL 300mg, trazone (for sleep) 25-50mg; Cymbalta 60mg (Feb 1, reduced from 90mg)
in the past: Zoloft 200mg

Want to connect with people who will understand what I’m going through.

Have been on 7 med cocktails – including the current – in the past 3 years. Each one helped for a while, but then I would crash and burn, and we try something else. For the first time, I fell like the “real me” (since mid January.) However, I’ve been down that road to recovery a few times, and have always hit a major pothole in 4 to 8 months. I’m being “cautiously optimistic.”

My family and others don’t understand it takes more than some new meds and a couple of chats with a therapist to get better. Also think that once I can laugh and smile, I must be “cured.” They don’t get it when I end up back on step one.

In past 2 years have worked for 1/2 the time, at 2 different jobs. “Forced to Resign” (or be fired), then was out of work for 7 months. Felt like I was doing OK, so started new job and after 6 months had to go out on unpaid Medical Leave. Have not worked since August 2006.

Am becoming frustrated and angry and very hard on myself because I just can’t seem to stay like I am now for more than a month. Still afraid to go back to work. I work in a very stressful business – web site development & testing – which rquires a lot of concentration and attention to detail and is constantly on a deadline. Probably why I freaked out 6 months ago.

I could go on, but I won’t. This is already too long. Thanks to everyone who actually finished this. I’m also a part time writer, so tend to go overboard on explanations.

Thanks again, and keep on keeping on,
(which I now I need to do, also – but sometmes . . . )