Celiac Disease Member Introductions

Would like to talk with others who have celiac disease, share recipes,eating out tips, ideas ,symtoms

After suffering with symptoms and finally finding out that I have Celiac Disease, whick I’ve found myself and taking all my reports to my Dr., who confirm it after tests.

hi, i was diagnosed with coeliac disease approx. 18 months ago, and i would welcome any other people with this disease for any other food options or advice thank-you, sharon.

I love all animals, and I have all the wild birds coming to my garden for their feed.
I have a grandson who is now 3 years old he is beautiful.

I am suffering from something else that I cannot figure out and western medicine is suggesting that I am crazy.

i have been living with chronic pain in my lower back, jointpain in several places for 2yrs, i also have coeliac disease for the last 6yrs and suffer from epilepsy for the last 25yrs! think thats enough to start with!iwould really like to hear from people who suffer from similar conditions and maybe help me understand why my life has turned out this way please.

37 years old, mother of four, I’m the only one in my family with CD - I was diagnosed approximately 2 years ago.

I am having trouble finding recipes that are not all bread related and they are all grainy, hard and dry. I would like to see some for meals that are filling and that taste like food. You can’t live on biscuits, cakes, etc. I eat a lot of vegetables, meats but get hungry for something besides the same thing all the time. I also would like to have something that is filling and lasts for a while. I have also been loosing weight which is not something I can afford to do.

iam been diagnosed wiv celiac 9 months ago, so really i jst want to ask lots of questions

I am a writer and I live with multiple chronic conditions–celiac disease, chronic fatigue, bronchiectasis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, thyroid disease, etc–and am interested in the experiences of people with any combination of similar diseases.

Hi everyone…I am also hoping to connnect with ppl who have the same trouble as I do …I am a celiac…lactose intollerant and asthmatic…I have also been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This is ok…sometimes life does deal its blows. Luckily I was diagnosed with celiac before damage could really occur…my mother has the disease…so I was tested just in case…Mine was discovered in  its early stage… Yes…its hard isn’t it?? No more donuts…pizza…pasta…oh my…the  list goes on…but…hey…we gotta protect our bodies from this stuff…Hang in there everyone…Hugs …

My daughter was diagnosed with celiac in March, 2003.

I have Celiac along with a few other autoimmune diseases.

I am 42 years old & have known the I am Celiac for approx 2 years now. I have not been able to get a diagnosis since my Doctor doesn’t believe I have it as I do not display a lot of the classic symptoms. I have had some testing done, but they have come back inconclusive. My Mother and Brother are Celiac along with my Grandfather and his Mother.

my youngest son who is 7 was diagnosed with celiac one year ago just need some support and ideas for food,he is also allergic to peanut butter and egg whites

Hello, my name is Diane. I am 46. I was diagnosed with celiac’s at thanksgiving after continually getting worse from diagnosed IBS. I was also diagnosed with RA at the same time. looking forward to meeting everyone!!

My daughter has it

My name is Bette and I was invited by David.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue in 2003. I have many relitives with Celiac and so was not supprized when I was diagnosed with it.
I like sharing information with others who have the same condition

I have been GF for 4 years. I have a passion of helping others navigate the often murky waters of this gluten polluted world.

Hi my name is Sonya I have celiac disease and have been gluten free for amlost 2yr.s I have had many other health problems and haven’t been able to pin point anything that could explain my problems. I’m still trying, I’m excited to be part of this group. Thanks sonya