Celiac Disease Member Introductions


I have celiac disease and several other auto immune diseases. Am interested in hearing how others deal with the diet and lifestyle.


Hi there everyone.
I was just wondering if someone could help me… I am wanting to know if anyone has a list of ingredients that us ceoliacs CANT have. I want to take one shopping as I feel decieved a lot of the time and very unsure.


the site has relly changed not been on for awhile i hav been alittle ill and then laptop broke bt everything fine now!
i wud like to chat wiv everyone with celiac as i learened alot last time i was on. also i jst cudnt find anything reali tasty that i was able to hav so if any1 got an breakfast ideas that wud be great cos i dnt like the ceral!


I was diagnosed 3 years ago and have read everything I can to understand this disease. I travel for weeks at a time for my job and feel I can be of benefit to other Celiacs with their travel questions. Frankly, on the GF diet I have never felt so wonderful in my life!


I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease three years ago. To learn more about the condition is always good.


I just joined this group! I was diagnosed with Celiac disease three years ago. Life has settled and I am doing fine with the diet. However, it is always nice to learn more about the condition and international view is more than welcommed. Is there a special discussion for travelling with CD? I am off to England next month and wondering how I manage with my eating there.


Hi, I am female, just turned 50 and recently diagnosed with celiac and ulcers


Hi all - I was diagnosed with celiac disease with the usual trials and tribulations, and continue to experience long-term ill effects of having an autoimmune disease that went unaddressed and undiagnosed for quite some time. I am looking for a positive place to share, and if I’m having a negative day, people who can support me and remind me that I only am hurting myself when I let medical issues get the best of me! And I hope to do the same for others!


I have been dx with CD for 3 1/2 years now. Thanks to my diagnosis I was able to conceive my first son and got pregnant much easier this time!! (6 weeks preg). I feel 100% better on the gluten free diet. I run a local CSA support group in my area and just want to try to help others get diagnosed quicker.


I was diagnosed with celiac in 2003. It has been a rocky road dealing with this condition. It feels as though hypothyroid has been with me most of my life. Glaucoma is but a sideline. These are challenges, but with His help and the guidance from resources, it gets a little better every day.


Everything is new to me and I am scared about how to deal with all of it. I need to learn everything about how to live with this and what he can eat and how to cook for him. Am on a fixed income and getting old. Can not buy to many books to read about Celiac. My computer is old and does not work very good. Would like to connect to anyone that can answer everday questions.


Just diagnosed in March, and son diagnosed in April. Trying to navigate the mine field that is this society. Really trying to stay positive.


I’m a 65 yo woman with celiac disease diagnosed 2 years ago. About 3 months ago my tongue started splitting down the middle. Has this happened to anyone?


My 13 year old daughter has a probable diagnosis of celiac disease based on positive tTG blood test and inconclusive biopsy.


I have just been diagnosed and want to find information resources and also ask questions of those who have more information on this than I do.


I would like to know if Whey is somthing that needs to be avoided. I would also like to know how pain meds either contribute to or agravate symptoms of Ciliac disease.


I just got diagnosed with celiac disease. Would like some input on foods!


Hi my name is Ellen Gaffney. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease. i am a type 1 diabetic and I am 46 years old. I want to connect with other celiacs to get the information I need to survive since most doctors do not know much about this disease.


Well I am only 14 but have had alot of trouble with Celiac. My parents don’t understand the pain. I can’t gain weight and my parents who aren’t celiac don’t know its hard to gain weight therefor I get yelled at tons.


I was just diagnosised with celiac desease. I have been having stomach cramps for four months since I had my gallbladder removed in Feb. 2007.