Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Member Introductions

I believe I might have this condition. My mother has it.

I have had CFS all my life, I also have FMS,lupus,IBS,PTSD etc…
I used to help run a support group and became too ill to help and I was run out! I am looking for understanding ppl with my condition/s

I am a Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor. I also have a condition call RSD. It would be nice to talk to someone who knows what i am going through. Expecially on the night when i hurt so much I can’t sleep at all. Thanks

I’m here to find people that have the same problems that I do and to research and get opinions and advice. Also to give opinions and advice, I have alot of experience unfortunetely.

I’ve had CFS (CFID) for four years now. Each bout seems to last longer and be worse. I so much want somebody to talk to who experiences the same symptoms because I feel that would help give me validation as to what I’m experiencing. I have been diagnosed with CFID and all my friends and relatives know that what I have is for real and it is literally debilitating at times.

I have had this condition for 4 years. I don’t know how to stop the cycles, lessen the symptoms, etc. The doctors can’t give me a good answer, I need to learn from others sufferers who have had success in conquering this.

I would like to find other people with CFS, Fibromyalgia, other Auto Immune Illnesses to talk with.

like many of these people i have been thru tests and everything seems to be fine but im not

I have been battling cfs for 20-25 years now. I also have anxiety and depression, so what shall I do?

I am seeking to get help for this!

I am a woman who had ulcerative colitis since I was in my 20’s and now it is blamed on all of these autoimmune disease reactions I am having that are making me miserable and affecting my life like nothing I have ever experienced. I am in so much pain and now they want to start me on Remicade. Well, my rheumatologist does, my medical doctor and GI doctor want to send me first to the University of Virginia Medical Center for evaluation first. They are wanting a second opinion before they try Remicade due to my liver problems. Well I am still in misery and so much pain and depression. I just lost my Mom right before Christmas and I am having a hard time coping with the grief, she was living here with me, was sick but such a reason for me to keep going to take care of her needs. It was almost too much but we needed each other so much. I am praying every day that my heart and mind can take all of this, I believe HE will not let us have more than we can bare, so I am ready to unload, my shoulders are too heavy and sore to carry anymore at this time. I just ask for support and prayer right now and medical advice as I write in my journals about some of my problems.

47 year old female with CFS and complex hyperplasia

my 26 year old daughter seems to be exhibiting symptoms of chronic fatigue and doctors cannot find anything wrong with her

i was diagnosed with CFS in 1999 and have good days and very bad days. I have never received any medical advice as how to cope. I want to find out how others with the condition are coping. The CFS is more debilitating than all the other painful conditions I deal with daily.

I am living with a verbally abuse daughter, emotionally abuse husband and sometimes abusive grandson. I have tried to find help in my town but no luck. I suffer from Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, spinal degeneration and severe rheumatoid arthritis. I am at my wits end and all I do is cry. Is there any help out there.

My mother in law is suffering from symptoms that may be CFS and I want to talk to someone about it.

Actually, I have Parkinson Disease with chronic fatigue

I am very depressed and frightened with what my body is going through. I’ll be thirty three and i feel like I’m ninety most of the day.

I’m a single mom with a soon to be three year old. I’ve been having symptoms of horrible muscle pain, extreme fatigue, and occasional numbness. What scares me the most is if I’m laying down I am not able to raise my legs or arms I feel paralyzed!

I have a difficult time walking or even standing just even 5 minutes or so. If I do too much activity what would be considered normal daily routine I end up paying for it physically. My heart races, i have dizzy episodes and my legs inside feel shaky. This has been horrible. I have been going through this since August of 2006.

Doctors at first thought I had MS by all my symptoms. But MRI’s,bloodwork,an EMG have showed nothing. I don’t want anything to show up but yet I do because I want answers. It looks as if this is all in my mind. It is difficult because I feel family and friends are thinking nothing is wrong. I’ve not been able to work and I’ve been having many problems with Disability through work because nothing is showing up on my tests they think I’m able to return to work.

But if I did I would probably hurt myself more if I tried. Its not that I don’t want to work I wish I could but the thoughts of doing a physical job that requires being on your feet walking, lifting 30lbs or more bending and stretching and its all fast paced, it terrifies me to think if i did try. I feel all alone. I have whats going on with me no full answers or treatment yet. And also no compensation coming in or losing my job and medical benefits.

Nobody should go through all this.

doctored out, still sick. any help

47 years old just diagnosed with CFS. I’m concerned but ready to learn more about. I want to meet and talk to people that feel the same way I fee. My inmediate family doesn’t understand me.