Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Member Introductions

here checking out some new things, new ways to heal

i have cfs/fm. i was diagnosed in 1999 and havent been able to work since. i tried going back several different times but could not continue. i would like to find out what others are doing for their conditions of cfs/fm, what medications have helped others. and maybe i could help someone else with things that have helped me.

I have had Crohn’s for about thirty years. I have not found any med’s that help.I have an intestinal obstruction about once per year.I have diarrea about 7 to 8 times daily.I had surgery 2 years after i was diagnosed.

For years I have suffered with fibromyalgia, candida, chronic fatigue, depression but I wasn’t diagnosed until about 4 or 5 years ago. I’ve tried the candida diet but failed. Now I am seeing 2 holistic doctors who both want me to start the diet again. I find it so difficult and I need to prepare foods for the week and I’m not always well enough or I don’t have any energy. I would appreciate some advise on what foods I can buy, particularly for breakfast and lunches. This diet and new treatments are giving me hope to someday live a healthier life.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrone Feb. 06. I am currently on a years leave of absence from work to do everything I can to get better and overcome these illnesses. I want to learn what has worked for others, I want to improve my quality of life, i want to be productive and be in good health! i want to be pain free.

I am 35 years old been sick now for 16 months. I am a single mom of two wounderful kids. Som will be 11 in March. Daughter will be 7 in March. I love life and the joy of eveything about it until CFS. Just trying to learn to cope and learning my pressure points and have to manage to do a little at a time when I can.

I need to connect with others to share and compare daily living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Sooo tired and in pain Yuck!

I have had CFS and Fibro for at least seven years or more. I have very little contact with others and would like to change that. I look forward to “meeting” others with like conditions.

I just stay extremely tired and it seems no one understands. I have two kids so i really have to push myself hard. The doctor didn’t offer anything for me is their anything i can do ?

I have Lupus and fibromyagia. I just started my first injection through and IV yesterday. I am also taking methotrexate as well. I am weak at the present time from this first IV fussion.

I am interested in finding a local doctor to help me understand this condition. I believe I have a child with CFS.

My wife has had this for 2 years and we need help!!

I am 48 years old. I have had Fibro since a car accident in May 02. I have three grown kids which have all moved out in the last 3 years. They are all doing fine. It is hard for them to see me down, espically because I was such a strong person. I was typical Super Mom! But now I do what I can. They keep in touch often. We get toghter at least once a month and eat out or do pot luck. I have been married for 28 years. I have 5 cats and one dog living with us. I love my pets so much!

i am a 61 year old female who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 3 years ago. It has completely turned my world upside down.

I am a parent tring to conqure chronic fatigue syndrom and its symptoms. i am looking for support.

Married, grandma of 2,working…

Have been diagnoised feel terrible not even sure they are right.

I am interested in being able to relate to someone else that is going through what I am and experiencing all the different emotions, feelings, anger, pain, fatigue and all that goes along with Depression and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I just want to try to understand more about all of this and how to deal with it. Especially when I went to the Doctor 11ys ago, because it was beginning to hurt uncomfortably when I walked on my right foot. And long story short, he removed a small bone, but in the process he cut through a Neuroma. Which really was what my problem was.

But anyway at that time we didn’t know that. He just led me to believe that he didn’t know what had happened. And diagnosed me as having RSD. He did in fact offer to amputate my foot to solve the problem just after 3 wks of surgery.

So I lost use of my foot for over a year, and had to learn to walk all over again. It went down hill from there. I ended up having 4 total surgeries on my right foot because of his neglect. Now I live on pain management and have a Dorsal Nerve Stimulator Implant to help with the unbearable pain I live in. And have developed the CFS along with it. So I have a lot of anger issues at time. I try to live one day at a time.

My husband and I do see a Psychiatrist, and are looking for more therapy. He has been a real blessing in my life. He has stood by me all the way. So have my children, who are grown now. My son is in the Marines in Iraq. Thats another stress daily. But prayer helps keep me sane.

CFS/IBS(D)/Depression/Fibro, high blood pressure, insomnia, …

I am actually looking for medical referral in DC area