Cushing's Syndrome Member Introductions


I have acromegaly


I am 55 years old and suspect I have had Cushings since my late teens early 20’s. I am sick, tired, and fat, and tired of being sick, tired, and fat. My hope is to finally be able to get someone to catch the ball that my body has been subtly been tossing about for far too many years.


Cushings disease


I have cushings syndrome and I would like to find out if some of the things going on with me are related. I am a 34 year old mother of 1.


I have Cushing’s Disease. I diagnosed myself last September. After several tests, doctors gave me an official diagnoses in October. I had transphenoidal surgery in December, even though my tumor could not be spotted on MRI’s. They removed half of my pit gland, but the Cushing’s remained. My cortisol levels were dangerously high. I had to choose between removing my pit gland or my adrenals. I chose to have a bilateral adrenalectomy because my endo said I’d have a better chance of restoring my ability to bear children. That was 3 months ago. Even though many of my Cushing’s symptoms have faded or decreased, and I’ve lost 20 of the 60 pounds I gained, I still have not seen my menstrual cycle return and I am so tired all of the time.


I have had cushing’s disease and then cushing’s syndrome (following removal of pituitary gland) for over 25 years … 3 pituitary surgeries plus radiotherapy … now using chemical control (aminoglutethimide).


My wife was diagnosed with Cushings


I am under diagnosis and doctors believe that I may have cushings disease. I don’t know much about it and am devastated by my visible symptoms.


I have an ~10 year old mutt that is in the process of being diagnosed with Cushings. I would like to know if there are others with an older dog recently diagnosed and what treatments they are providing.


Just found out that I have cushings and am being tested. It seem endles and my body is very sore. Wondered if anyone else having same symptoms. I look and feel pregnant.


My doctor discussed this the other day and I want to learn all I can concernig same, as I may have it.


I just learned that I have a mass on my adrenal gland and the symptoms I have are related to Cushings.



Have had cushings since 1997, difficult to find other’s with same condition


I think I may have Cushing’s. I want to connect with other people who have Cushing’s.


I am one and a half months out of surgery (transphenoidal - pituitary tumor removal), and I am living with Cushing’s disease (well trying to recover and get away from it!). I need a support ggroup of others living with a similar situation in order to maintain my sanity through this horrendous ordeal!


I’m interested in this condition because recently I was diagnosed with Cushings Disease & I want to learn as much about this disease & be able to maybe connect & communicate with others who have this & are going through what I am.


A growth was recently discovered on my adrenal gland and I am being evalated for possible Cushing’s Syndrome. I am tring ro find out whatever I can.


My name is Tina I have been battling Cushing Syndrome for about 2 years. I do not have any tumors but I still have all the cushing symtoms. I have high anxiety and I leive daily with headaches insomnia and cronic fatigue. I am looking for a good support group to help me threw this disease. My doctor tells me I have secondary Cushing and it could take years for me to get over it. I don’t think I can live like this for years any suggestions would be great.


I am interested in finding out whether i have this disease or not. I would like to hear from people what ´they went through before being diagnosed or what their going through now.


I am new. Have all the symptoms of Cushings.(moon face, buffalo hummp, extreme weight gain, muscle pain, thinning shin, bruising.}However the one endro that I have seen diagnosed me with Addisons. I am not so sure. My primary care md said to get another opinion. I have been on steroids on and off for over 10 years due to spinal fusions and chronic pain and inflamation. Need help support, names of a good endo, any help would be so appreciated.