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I am a new diagnosis of type II diabetes. I want to learn more about it and how to copy with the disease.

I am a Type II diabetic. I was diagnosed in October 2005. I take 1000 mg. Metformin a day. I am married and have two sons 29 and 25. No grandchildren yet. I also have been diagnosed with Fuchs’ Dystrophy.

My name is Nick Andriash and I am a Paramedic here in Creston…southeast corner of the Province of British Columbia up here in Canada.

Recently dx as a Type II Diabetic and am currently trying to flatten out my BG’s so I don’t have so many ‘spikes’ after meals…and I am experiencing success in that endeavour.

I am 35 and want easy tips on living with type 2 diabetes

diabetic neuropathy

im a 36 year old alcoholic. which has left me diabetic and suffering from chronic pacreatitis,also idont type to good.

I was formally diagnosed with Diabetes II in 1992 @ 36 years old. It is believed that (because of the extent of the Diabetic Painful Peripheral Neuropathy) I was probably dealing with Diabetes II for possibly 7 to 10 years prior to the diagnosis.

hi i m 31 yrs old diabetic female from west london.Looking for some friends with whom i can share my expierences about diebetes and life as well.

i have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and I would like to learn more about the special diet we have to follow, especially about cooking my own treats like biscuits :slight_smile:
I would like to find people that have some interseting recipes that we can share.

I am 38 just found out I have type II and high cholestrol

I am now offically an oap. My dear hubby has just come through a major heart op and while in hospital was confirmed to be type 2 diabetic, he loves fruit cake thats out now unless some one else knows different.

Teacher, Dreamer, Writer, Diagnosed as T2 in December of 2006 with no warning. Thought maybe, maybe I would have PCOS and some insulin resistance. Surprise, surprise.

Now I need support. I need help. I need answers that take me seriously and not just “You’re young, you’ll be fine.” That’s why I’m here. I am young, and I might be fine, but not without the best care possible.

I am a woman, a mother, an artist, a poet, a sister, a daughter, and most of all a part of humanity hoping to serve humanity. With 16+ years of sobriety after decades of alcoholic self-absorption, it is my goal to be of service, to help others combat crippling depression associated with HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, addiction, etc. By facilitating a positive, productive, esteem building outlet, I believe it is possible to help convert the “failed” human concern to a successful, more fulfilled one, at least for a while and without adding to or interfering with current medical prescriptions. At Urban Art Retreat, it is hoped that we can provide CarePlace and the many it serves with an additional benefit at no monetary expense to the organization or the population it serves.

I suffer from diabetes and I also have microprolapse and I also pull my hair and I am looking for a support group.

i am diabetic, and like to know what is the best food to eat

I have nueropathy in legs and arms with severe pain in legs , lots of meds dont seem to help , no support at home from wife , 47 years old

I am a tall, leggy young blond model… then I wake up and realise that I am in fact a short, fat grey haired frump with type 2 diabetes!!!

Hi Everyone, I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes in 2005
and am still trying to understand it and work with it to
control it. I’ve learned alot but still have more to learn.
I’m 55 yrs. young and want to remain healthy for a long
time yet. I’ve joined a gym and will try to get there at least
twice weekly. I’m also trying to eat proper portion sizes to
loose some weight. I’d like to loose about 40 in all. I’m 5’2"

I am a hypoglycemic and am always interested in learning about the condition. Thank you! Mike