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I have this condition and am trying to find out more info on it.

I have had GA for about five years and would like to connect with other people with same condition


I was diagnosed with granuloma annulare nine years ago. It started with one spot on the inside of my wrist. It has now spread to my hands, legs, feet, thighs and just a few weeks ago, stomach. My dermatologist was rather flippant when I went in again last year for some answers. She spent about five minutes with me and said there was nothing she could do. She said to spend time in the sun every day. I never tan and feel that I look younger than my thirty some years. My tan last year just covered the spots but didn’t make them go away. It seems that every time I get a new lesion it grows much quicker than the last one. I don’t know why this is getting worse. I have some other health issues as well…numbness and tingling in my feet and hands. They have ruled out diabetes (as of last year) and MS. Still the symptoms continue. I wonder if it has anything to do with my thyroid. I exercise quite regularly but my weight has ballooned in the last three years (13 pounds). All of this is so frustrating. I wonder if anyone else has these issues. Thanks for listening.

granuloma annulare sufferer

Hi there…
I am a Canadian(Ontario) middle aged woman who has had Granuloma Annulare for more then 15 year
It Sucks…but I am grateful that it is not life threating.
Thanks for this new place to come and thanks for inviting me Im sure I’ll drop by frequently…Ciao

Hi all! I want to learn more about granuloma annulare and talk to others who have it. I have had the condition for many years and it is disseminated primarily on my arms and legs. I would love to get to the bottom of why I have this and how to get rid of it. I also have type 2 diabetes.

I have been diagnosed with Granuloma Annulare. I have had it for about 3 years. I would love to learn any tips anyone has on dealing with the ugly condition. I have a spot on my ankle, on my foot, on both elbow, on my knee, and one on my arm. I am so afraid it is going to spread to my face. I HATE this condition. It is so UGLY.

I have had this rash for 7 years and just had it diagnosed. I am looking for any type of natural cure.

I have had GA for one and a half years. It continues to spread. I have spots on legs, belly,hips, arms ,bottom and feet. Not really any on my back though or hands or face- thank goodness. anyone have any luck getting rid of it?

Hi - My name is Patti! I was recently, after a biopsy from my leg, diagnosed with granuloma annulare by a reputable dermatologist. As thankful as I was that the condition was not “life threatening”, I was upset, knowing that being the person I am, I would spend the whole hot summer in long pants to hide my unsightly legs.

I guess right now, I refuse to believe that this condition cannot be cured. I mean, really, even some cancers can be cured, but this cannot!

I just feel the need to talk to people who are going through this humbling condition the same as I.

Also, these people who claim that they can reverse granuloma, is this for real or scam?

I am interested in anything that can help (coverups that work, medicine that works without harm, suggestions, etc.).

I hope to find some comaraderie and support. I have done alot of searching, but am sure you all have too. But, someone just may have come up with something worth sharing.

Thanks, and Hello to all!

Hello, I don’t know how old this forum is or if anyone even uses it. But anyway, I have had Granuloma annulare for over 17 years. I have tried everything from my dermetologist with nothing good to report. I have it on my arms, back, shoulders, rib cage area, fingers, and ankles. Is there any part of me left that dosen’t have it?
Are there any on going studies on this situation? Does anyone have any good news on releiving the symptoms? Help meeeeeeee!!

Hello Fellow Sufferers!

I’ve had GA for about a year and a half now, and my patience is wearing thin. I have it on my arms, legs and wrist . I feel like there must be something I can do. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for listening.

A reference to “old granulomatous disease” just showed up in a lung CT scan I had and I am curious about what it is and what it may mean.

Have had this condition for past five to six years and it continues to get worst each year. Need help in what may have worked for others.

I’ve has GA for almost 2 years, diagnosed July 05. At that time it was localized; 9 months ago it ‘exploded’ down the inside of my arms, back and sides of legs, neck, etc. I too have tried protopic and Cordran tape. Now I’m on Dapsone and haven’t noticed a change. And I am anxious for a change.

I have had this for approximately 10yrs. now. I’ve gone to 2 different dermatoligists over the years, both sending me out the door with a prescription for creme. It originally started on my feet up until 3yrs. ago it has moved to my biceps, thighs, and stomach. I haven’t been able to find much information or have known anyone else to have this. I’m hoping for some guidance.

I’ve just recently joined and already find comfort in knowing that there are others that heard of this, are living with this, people who can finally relate. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to cover up most areas for years now. To try to explain to people what it is, not ringworm or any thing contagious has been a task at times (even to my family practioner who had me go through many tests, antibiotics, never even heard of GA ). Just reading some of the messages expressing similiar concerns, inquiries lets me know I’m not alone in my frustration and I’m not crazy. Im thankful to have found such a site and am open to the experience and knowledge this group has to offer. All I’ve ever been told is that it is harmless, not cureable, eventually goes away on it’s own, can come back, and can last for years. I’ve only been prescribed creme and had given up on that yrs. ago ( very time consuming and little to no help ). I am not one for computers, the internet, but I thought this would be well worth my time.

I’ve had GA for about 6 years. Used to be on my knees and elbows and just a few lesions. Now, the knees are clear but my elbows are nasty and the lesions seem to be spreading down the backs of my arms. Usualy there is no pain or itching, but the last few days my right elbow itches like crazy and it’s red and swollen. Since I don’t know anyone with this disorder, I’d like to know how others treat their sympoms. I am 68 years old and retired, living in Indiana. Thanks. Barb

I have GA and would like to hear of any new possibilities for treatment.