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I lost my mother to this horrible disease and I would like to help in any way I can.

Because I think I have this condition…Dr. won’t say I have that I have it though…

I have PTSD, fibromyalgia, and just had a mastectomy for breast cancer.

I was diagnosed with Retroperitoneal Fibrosis back in 2004 and life hasn’t been the same since. I’m interested in how others are dealing with it as well as any new info on treatment.

Hello my name is Windy and I have had Lupus for 20 years now. I am always looking for better ways to treat this desease. I am looking to build friendships and to talk with other people but the things that they have learned along the way. I would maybe at some point like to find a group that meets in person so that we can share different things.

Hello, my name is Diane. I am 46. I was diagnosed with celiac’s at thanksgiving after continually getting worse from diagnosed IBS. I was also diagnosed with RA at the same time. looking forward to meeting everyone!!

I like to read about RA treatments and learn how others cope with it. It is nice to be able to talk to folks that understand what you live with daily. :slight_smile:

Carla :slight_smile:

I am Sally and I have RA.

Hi, my name is Genie and I was recently diagnosed with Pancreatitis. I’m interested in chatting with anyone else living with this disease…my latest MRI/MRCP showed an inflammation and a blockage, but they don’t know anything more at this point. I need to have a consultation for an ERCP and wondering if anyone has had one of those tests as well. Thank you in advance for reading this and for any replies. Hope you have a great day!

I have been dx with Fibromyalgia. However, I still am as yet unconvinced that I have this condition… so am always wanting to learn more. A healthy diet, the best in Vitamins and Supplements and regular visits to my Chiropractor keep me from feeling overwhelmed. I am the CareGiver for my young granddaughter that has Cystic Fibrosis.

my daughter in law had surgery…how do you deal with it all…not knowing…

Hello my name is Rick Stebbens if this place is about melanoma then I am interested because I have had it twice. My sister also has had melanoma. We are a FMMM family of melanoma. I want to help other deal with melanoma and I have been there. I also would like to help other not get melanoma buy education.

Thanks You for this site. Stay out of the sun and live even though some melanoma show up where the sun does not shine. Go get check go to the Doctor as needed. Stay health God Bless everyone here.
Rick Stebbens

I’ve been going to counseling for my depression and while it has been of a great help I also want to seek outside resources as my insurance won’t cover the therapy for much longer even after it has been extended.

Iwould like to known who doe free diagnostic testing,in charlotte.n.c i been had this promblem since i was 17 year of age I never new why i smell all the time. till i saw this show about women on prime time.i wrote them and direct to new york foundation. which i still can;t afford to get testing do you of any one Thank You

Hi all, am a “Multiple” Lupus sle, narcolepsey,antiphospholipid etc etc , you know the route! Am in a remission and am great, loving life for as long as I can

Greetings everyone! I’m always looking for new information on Ledderhose.

Many thanks for establishing this web site!


I have multiple chronic conditions & I am on disability; I worked my entire life & can’t get over feeling guilty for being on SSDI. I have: Addison’s Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Bipolar Disorder-heavy on the depression,Autoimmmune Hypothyroid, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Migraine Headaches, Pernicious Anemia, Chronic hip-low back-shoulder & neck pain & high blood pressure & cholesterol.
I am 48 & have lived with many of these conditions for years; the Addison’s was diagnosed a year ago though the Dr’s think I had it longer but were missing because of the Myasthenia Gravis. It took me almost dying last summer to get the right diagnosis.It seem like I can’t find enough info
on the Addison’s.I’d like to connect with other people who may have Addison’s or Myasthenia Gravis or Bipolar or Chronic Pain. Also people suffering from multiple conditions,
such as I am.

I am a woman who wants to learn more about the conditions of others and help thoes who want the help.

There seems to be much more to menopause then just night sweats and hot flashes. Theres anxiety, depression, loss of interest in things you use to love to do.