High Cholesterol Member Introductions

i want to talk with others that are in the same situation as me… i drink to be able to verbilize… i know im depressed but need to drink to verbilize

Hi, My name is Daniel Hansen, I am a Doctor of Upper Cervical Chiropractic. I have seen many sufferers get well from all sorts of disorders such as: Trigeminal Neuralgia, Chronic pain, Migraine headaches, Asthma, Carpal Tunnel, Seizures, Meniere’s Disease, Bell’s Palsy, Fibromyalgia. My mission is to get sick people well. I am here for support and to care for those that suffer from terrible disorders.

I have MVP mitral valve prolapse and high cholesterol, but I really wanted to join the group to learn from you, the people, and to pray, from time to time. Scientists have seen in their studies that prayer helps the sick and suffering. :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Bonnie and I’ve suffered from TN for 30 years. I started when I was 30 after I had an auto accident and hit my face on the steering wheel. I wasn’t dx until about 15 years ago. So I went through many trial and errors before I got any help. I’ve had two Gamma Knife and got some relief for about two years, then the pain came back.
I’ve recently started taking Lyrica 225mg twice a day and have been pain-free for about a year and a half.
I believe that support at this time when you are suffering is very important. When I finally find out there were others out there like me, a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I’d like to help others know they’re not alone.

Looks like this will be a successful site for help and commaradier.

Hi I’m Steve,
I’m interested in Polycythemia because I was diagnosed with the condition a couple of years ago.
I have regular check up’s at the Hammersmith Hospital UK.
Since my diagnosis I have now also been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, for which I take insulin 4 times a day,(cannot have the pills due to lactic acid production.)
I slipped into a hyperglycemic coma last December for a period of 8 days.I didn’t know I was diabetic and apparently I was probably ill for quite a few years with it.
Since being on insulin and attending regular blood tests it would appear that my Polycythemia is getting better and at the last check up the doc was so pleased he asked me to return in 6 months.
There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Steve B.

My daughter was diagnosed last summer after being ill for months and nearly dying in the ER

My mother has MEN1 an I’m following her path. Not exactally something I’ ;pplomg forward to.


Hi this is Rick and I am interested in PPS as I am experiencing it right now. Would like to see if any body else is having the same problems that I am experiencing. Very weak back muscles making it impossible to stand up straight without having support. Very sore and stiff back.

I’m not interested in epilepsy, per se - I live with it every day - every moment - it controls every aspect of my life - I am here to find support and encouragement.

I’m 26 and have trigminal neuralgia and recently had an MVD. I would like to talk to other people with trigeminal neuralgia.

My wife passed away with Ovarian Cancer 9/11/2005. I took care of her until the end. The cancer moved to her lungs and she passed away surrounded by her family. If anyone needs to talk I would be interested in helping them though this terrible disease.

I have had Dercums 11 years I am 41 , I have 28 surgery within the 11 years… struggling ever day … Hopefully they will find something to help us soon…

I have High Cholesterol. I really don’t want to take Lipitor for it. Is there anything natural that I can take for Cholesterol.

My granddaughter has c-acc. Sheis 6yrs old she just graduated from kindergarten. ya ya!!!. Her problems are not as bad as we thought. Oh I forgot My name is Esther. My husband and I have guardianship of Bailey. She still can’t talk real good and her fine motor skills are not that good. I need all the input I can get for her so I can learn more about her.

well i’m interested in knowing more about AoCC… when i was 38 weeks pregnant of my 2nd child ( a boy ) i had an ultrasound done at the hosp and it seemed like a cyst on my baby’s head but they couldn’t tell me what it was… when my baby was born i told the Dr i wanted to make sure what was it on my baby’s head, he took a sonogram on his head but still wasn’t sure what was it exactly, he decided to do a catscan and told me agenesis of corpus callosum was found!

Dx’d Nov 06, share experience with others.

i have been dxd with it since 1986

My Mom was diagonosed with Pancreatic Cancer on 2/23/07. She has opted not to go through Chemo or Radiation or surgery.

She wants Quality of life now and not Quantity.

I have Hashimoto’s and have trouble with regulating my thyroid.