High Cholesterol Member Introductions


I play tennis quite a bit, do not want to get this condition.



I have a 7 year old daughter with Klippel Feil.



just diagnosed



I have this condition and have never met another person with it, so this community is very interesting.



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I’ve been struggling with OCD since SIX YEARS OF AGE… at a time, BEFORE anybody HAD A NAME FOR IT, or, KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT IT; except for “Dr. Freud”… who thought that: “it HAD SOMETHING TO DO… with TOILET TRAINING in MEN!!!” But then… with “Dr. Freud” IT’S ALL… either ORAL or ANAL!!! 8-)))

In addition… i’ve: BEEN “FEATURED” on ABC TV’s 20/20… i was the SECOND HOARDER… that they EVER HAD ON THE SHOW… nearly 15 YEARS AGO!!!

i’ve been the “resident expert”, in numerous online support groups… many, based in England… and some, in the midwest…

i’ve also been on DOZENS of SSRI medications… some, with DISASTEROUS OUTCOMES (suicidal ideation, extreme weight gain, dehydration, worsening of conditions, etc, etc)… and, CBT programs… with LITTLE or NO positive results!!!

and now… i’m here!!!



My doctor discussed this the other day and I want to learn all I can concernig same, as I may have it.



Hello ,
My name is Patricia i live in Maine. I have had rsd for 10years in my left foot and leg spreading up my other leg due to surgery on my foot. This disease has totally ruined my life. I had to stop working, my income has dropped i am on ssd. The pain and burning is unbelievable sometimes cant deal with it. Cant do things i used to like get down aon floor and play with my grandchildren. Oh by the way i am 55yrs old and i have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren. They are waht keeps me going.

                     hugs Patricia


I have two children with JRA.



I have AIP as does my Mom, i was diabosed at age 3, mom at age 20 after her first attack.

its killing her at the moment thanks to one to many drug interactions and what have you. and I myself would like to avoid what has happened to her if at all possible, thus am very relutant to take anything without reseraching it to the enth degree, and even then its hard to take meds.

other then that, i’m just looking to hear from others with AIP an dhows its effecting their life (for me its making it so I have to have a hyster sometime this year), good bad and the uggly of it all.

take care



MD, MPH Senior Consultant Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology & Hepatology. Have expersience from several rare diseases



I am interested in Multiple Myeloma becaused my mother-in-law had this type of cancer as well as friends I know.



My son has Becker’s nevus and would like to know if there is anyone who has this condition and if they have had laser hair removal.



I too have DI. plus a number other problems. It would be very interesting to be in contact with others with the same problem('s).



I am a mom and grandmother and so far my kids and grandchild have not had problems, but neither did I until I was in my 40’s. I am HLA-B27 positive and do not know which parent is positive. I also do not know if either of my children are positive.

I am in the education field and need the use of my eyes!!!

I first had an Iritis attack in 1999 while at work. I had a huge water pocket appear on my eye and pain like I couldn’t believe. In 2000, I seemed to have the attacks more than not having them. I was almost constantly using the pred forte drops and had to take steroid pills a couple of times (two packs straight through before relief) They were threatening injections in the eye.

A couple of years later, I saw information from some discussion groups and learned about people who seemed to have milk and milk products seem to trigger the attacks. I started avoiding milk and now have an occasional attack, but it usually always happens when I decided that something such as ice cream is worth the risk. I also eat cherries, celery and other anti inflammatory foods to try to avoid the attacks (especially when I get that taletell ache in the eyebrow bone). I have been attack free for 1 year and 1 month now, though I have had several times that I either had the eyebrow thing or the eye start turning red or getting the ‘blister’ on it. I usually hit the cherries and treat milk like poison and get it cleared up without the meds. Med free for over a year is great for me!!! It is well worth the sacrifice of the milk and milk products. I swear by it and though I get my weak moments and eat ice cream, I use soy for all my other milk needs (even yogurt) and often get the frozen soy bars instead of ice cream.



I myself have depression issues and would like some info. on this topic. Thank you. (petlover)



I was diagnosed with SLE many years ago. I have lived with Arthritis since I was 7. I am 35 years old and I have 2 children. I am married. I have kidney disease, CHF, Sjogrens, Crohn’s and Raynaud’s disease, to name a few. I want to learn more about how patients are being treated. I want to be able to help others with any questions that they might have.



I have tourettes and would like to others who have it as well that I can connect with.



hi, my name is sharon. i just found out about 3 months ago i have ic. i wanted to meet some people in my area to talk about it. who also have ic.



Have been diagnosed for 4 years & want to know as much as I can about this disease. Also how others are coping with it.