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I work for Careplace. Glad to finally be on the site!

im not new to this been poz for 7 yrs now
really need some support…

The mission of the LA County HIV Drug and Alcohol Task Force (HIV DATF) is to advocate for the needs of drug and alcohol users and people in recovery who are at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS and/or Hepatitis C.

i want to find out what the so called dissenters are finding!

Hi I am a easy going optimistic man living with hiv but I am healthy and love to have fun. I live as if I don’t have a illness I work work out eat well and am active. I am single attractive inshape and I am looking for a woman. I am honest seeking committment supportive encouraging and spiritual. I really do love life to the fullest and desire a woman to share life with. I don’t do drugs above 420 and even that I rarily touch. I am a laid back person I find it difficult to get up and go to socail places. I am straight also so going to those placests is not too motivating to me. I find women with this illness very hard to meet because I don’t know where they are. When I was a child throughout my teenage into my adulthood I always had one best friend. In my late teens through my adulthood that best friend became a female. Things happen though as we grew that weren’t all that good that split us apart heading two different roads. Now I spend the marjority of time alone going to concerts sporting events saw Larry the cable guy he was funny recently but it would be so nice to have a friend to take along.

well i just find out that my only daughter has HIV and i really
feeling bad and sad for her because shes still young.

I am interested in end of life issues for aids patients

Life is about health, family and friends, but sometimes its hard to keep focus on what is most important

I am a 25 year old gay male living with HIV. I was infected when i was 17 by a partner who chose not to tell me his status…I am currently the state representative in mtvs alive at 25 aids awareness program and my video submission is featured online at under TN the video is also available on my myspace page…I guess you could say i am looking to connect with anyone who is learning to cope with and live with this disease, or to help those that do not understand it to do so…because i know how hard it was and is for me

I am a spirited female that is not only HIV/AIDS positive but more importantly positive in attitude and outlook on life. Stangely enough my life truly became when offically diagnosed almost 20 years ago. I do not see myself as someone thats life is comprimised. Not al all. Actually my life has become fully because of this " condition " What to know how me and the everready bunny are similair? We keep on going and going!!!

I am a woman, a mother, an artist, a poet, a sister, a daughter, and most of all a part of humanity hoping to serve humanity. With 16+ years of sobriety after decades of alcoholic self-absorption, it is my goal to be of service, to help others combat crippling depression associated with HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, addiction, etc. By facilitating a positive, productive, esteem building outlet, I believe it is possible to help convert the “failed” human concern to a successful, more fulfilled one, at least for a while and without adding to or interfering with current medical prescriptions. At Urban Art Retreat, it is hoped that we can provide CarePlace and the many it serves with an additional benefit at no monetary expense to the organization or the population it serves.

I’m a longterm AIDS survivor. I write music (two off-Broadway musicals to my credit) and I created the world’s first AIDS diary/blog so I’m a veteran at online support and believe fully that the Internet can be, and has been, utilized to change the way people suffering from disease or conditions find support. It’s something I’ve been doing regularly since early 1996. I also have Diabetes and Graves’ Disease.

I was diagnosed with AIDS after multiple hospitalizations dealing with pneumonia in July 2005.

I graduated from Georgia State University with a MSW and work with adolescents.

I am a mid 20’s male living who was diagnosed with AIDS in 2005 after dealing extensively with pneumonia.

I graduated from Georgia State University in 2004 with my MSW and specialize in adolescents with infectious diseases.

hi i am 40yo latino newly diagnosed positive…kinda having hard =time coping with it…and the fact that not only iam possitive but have the virus spreaded so quickly…

My partner of 7+ years and I were diagnosed as HIV + a little less than a year ago. Neither of us has health insurance. Need to find any assistance available to help with the meds and medical care necessary for our survival. Any help at all will be dearly appreciated!! Please reply soon!!

Mark Hinton & Tony Higdon

I run a few websites and the income from them goes towards hiv drugs for those who cannot afford them through a NGO in India.

HIV+ September 14, 1983
AIDS July 1994
HIV Activist 27 years, (Pandemic started on the West Coast in 1979)
HIV Educator since 1993
Created and operated two AIDS Service Orgainzations in the Southwest of the United States.
Love Cars, and anything with wheels, and have owned and restored many classics. Also love Motorcycles. Actually, anything with more that one wheel. :slight_smile:

looking for friends online and in the Md. area to dialog with.