How is Everyone doing in 2023?

Hi Everyone! I am new to the group, however not new to the problem. This is something that’s just one of the most cruelest impossible situations to deal with, how on earth are we suppose to ever be happy living like this? All I can think of is, do I smell bad? People get around you and start sniffing themselves and it’s even worse when they actually say something mean, not knowing how far back they push your confidence and progress. My dad and boyfriend won’t tell me the truth about my odor but I see the reaction from others in the public. I want to do so much with my life. I know I would be so happy if I didn’t suffer with this condition. I take chlorophyll religiously and I just started taking magnesium and vitamin B. I am hoping for good results. I have a son’ so giving up is not an option for me. I keep praying and keep hoping God will have mercy on me. I hope everyone is doing better, I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

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I’m so sorry that things are tough. I can definitely relate. I have been suffering with this my whole life. I have been talked about like I’m I’m deaf and can’t hear them. I’ve been given nicknames as though I don’t know they are referring to me. It use to hurt a lot but now I just ignore it the best that I can. Even if you try to explain that you have this condition and that there is no cure and that you are doing all that you can to control it they smile and act sympathetic then snicker behind your back. So yes it’s a curse and I agree I would not wish this in anyone. But I’ve lived 58 years and I’m still surviving. I hope things improve for you, for us all. Wishing you joy, peace and Blessings in abundance.

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Hi Barbara, So glad to hear your positive vibes, I’m 37 and I was on the bus last week and I heard someone say stink hoe smh. I was so hurt, these ppl have no idea, how much time and energy we put into trying not to offend anyone with our presence. You’re right, even if we explain they don’t care, nobody cares until its too late smh, sending you a great big virtual hug!! I just started vitamin B and magnesium today and I also ordered zinc, should be in by Friday! I still have hope, this is not an easy thing to deal with… I’m glad that you’re hanging in there, thanks for your reply, stay strong, we will make through! Do you have any advice on what we can do to make life easier ourselves?? this forum is definitely a plus because actually talking to someone in person about this is so embarrassing and 9x outta 10 they claim they don’t smell anything!

Hi I too have been suffering for a lack of better description with this condition for over 25 years and it is devastating and such a social issue. I started to hate myself and all I was before I learned there are others that experience these symptoms beyond our control. I am still ashamed and embarassed to be around others and yes all I can think of when around others is Do I smell or have an odor. I know some people are cruel others just really don’t understand and think we dont practice good hygiene. To add icing on the cake I work in healthcare so that makes people just suspicious that I am not taking showers or baths. If they only knew how I would shower in the morning before work, come home on my lunch to shower, which was exhausting. I also make sure I used different antibacteria soaps and even lotions. Everything is temporary. This goes for workmates, where I worship God if I am around people more than an hour it seems I started to smell- when sweating it smells like rotten fish or garbage. I hate others are going through this but need someone who understands and wish everyone would be free of this. Well I can go on and on but have to mention I am a praying person, strong faith in God who promises to do away with all disease, sickness and death. Revelation 21:3-5. This is how I keep my head up, Though not many people recognize this condition it is real. I have not been tested but I know I must have the actual condition. I do stay away from egg yorks, caffiene, avocados any foods high in choline=there is a list to look at. I get so distressed and used to be depressed but I am working through this situation. Used to have really bad days and yes have heard a lot of whispers about smelling up a room. I can’t judge others cause it’s true. It’s similar to a skin condition as psoriasis or lupus which can affect outer skin everyone can see it well with what we have most people can smell it. Perfumes can cover temporary but can’t always mask. I sweat everywhere on my body and the bacteria smells awful even with deodorant. Just know you have a disease like others who need treatment for chronic conditions and you can only do so much, it’s not your fault. My heart goes out to everyone. God please grant us peace and endurance until these things are done away with. I want to cry just making this post. Love everyone don’t have to know you to love you all. :revolving_hearts: BW


About to begin my shift at work, but to answer you just keep trying the things you are doing. I’m doing chlorophyll and charcoal not sure if it helps or not., but it helps to at least know you are trying something. I stay away from dark leafy greens, eggs, dairy, red meat and sea food….pretty sure you know the drill. Drink lots of water. Exercise to help sweat it out and use soaps that have a ph of 6 or below. Hard to find but I use a dove bar along with antibacterial bar. Stay positive, keep praying, and live your best life, you deserve that!

We are human, just like those who don’t have this disease, GOD wants you to be Happy.

Hang in there my friend


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Sounds like you’ve got the best foundation, that of Faith. Thanks for sharing your testimony. Continue to be strong in the lord.

It is so important to have a support system a group of ppl who understand what this is like on a daily basis, most of us wouldn’t leave the house if we didn’t need money. We have better hygiene than most people truth be told. Being nervous makes the smell worse, I read that nervous sweat smells bad. So the social anxiety doesn’t help at all. Every day we just gotta wake up and try again. Some days are better than others depending on what we eat. I used to smoke and I gave it up just to smell better, despite the stress and anxiety I used it for… it was very hard to do but I did it… there’s been a slight improvement. I’m still working on getting this diet right’ we have to eat foods that work well with our body’s. I have faith in God too and I know God will come through for us’ there will come a day when this miserable situation shall end, because this too shall pass. Until then it’s important for us to check in with one another and support one another as we live through each day! I started new supplements and I will let you all know how it has been working if at all in about 2 weeks. We all need to hear a kind word, this is not something that’s easy to discuss, BUT WE HAVE EACH OTHER!!! Please let’s use this forum to help one another! I’m so grateful this platform exists!! Feel better My Loves’ sending a huge virtual huge!

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My daughter now 27 has this condition but manages through diet & now hardly noticable unless she either gets very hot or eats one of the items on high coline list

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Thanks for stopping by and checking in, glad to hear your daughter is doing well, I am wishing your family continued success and. progress!!

Hope everyone is doing great.I’m so happy to have found this group it has help me so much and thanks for the you all and may God bless you.

Hey there
I have been using alkaline powder and it seems to work.I drink it ever morning,so give it a try it may work for you too…blessings to you and stay strong :muscle::v::heart:

Good afternoon Faith1, I appreciate you sharing this. I will consider alkaline water, I have heard of people drinking alkaline water but did not know the reason. Thanks for the suggestion, BB1

I don’t want to live a lot of the time. But other times I proud of what I endure. I know that the people who love you inspite of this are who matter. Others are not people to concern yourself with. Also when remain confident in the face of ridicule and mockery you embolden others and earn respect. It does feel like a curse but God can use anything for good. I came here because I do feel hopeless at times but the people on this forum inspired me. You are all brave and amazing. Thank you for openness and kindness towards one another.


David I understand how you feel at times. Please know that God loves you, me all of us. he is not causing this condition, but he does allow it. We do need others to help us endure. Prayer is such a relief but you know what talking to others who understand though i may shed a tear that another goes through this I smile to hear and feel the warmth of others. You don’t have to know or see someone to care and have agape love. I truly believe all things are temporary in this life and God will fix things. My faith keeps me and helps me endure. I am so ashamed at times but then I think about how I am more aware of myself and i have to keep trying to overcome this thing. Just know David at times when you are down. You are thought of and hoping you are enduring with some means of peace. A lot of others are going through so know you have someone thinking of you.

until next time take care and be comforted

Hey everyone
Hope you doing good, just want to share a little something with you guys. Please go check out Kristina Mitts on YouTube.There is a lot of useful tips on tmau and so far it has help me a lot.The tittle of the video is TMAO and TMA. So please go check it out, May God bless and all of the best .

Hi all, just checking in hoping everyone is taking care of themselves mentally and physically. We all have multiple things to think about, sometimes worry about, pray about and most of all smile and laugh about. Everyday has it’s own worries but knowing that worries are temporary helps pull us through. Look forward to hearing from others. Don’t have to know you personally to say best wishes and hope whatever is causing a dark cloud over your head will turn around, and with a blink of an eye, the sun will start to shine through. Believe me I have some dark clouds but I tell myself- this too shall pass. Coming back into society is a little different for us after the pandemic, who have the issue of TMAU we have to be around others again and believe me the condition did not go away. But there is always tomorrow and hope of better things. Hope the sun is shinning and not too hot where ever everyone is. But the brightness of love, peace and hope is following you. Take care everyone, tell somebody you love them today.

I feel the same everyday, awaiting results but even doctor can’t stand to be in same room due to smell . Anxiety even makes it worse …I am tired to go to work, people changing their name from board not to work with me to, sneezing, nauseated patient, oh fire is here we all dead ,all sorts of comments constantly 12 hours makes me traumatized rest of the night .I left job for 3 years but with growing kids I have to support financially but I don’t know what to do , where to start as a nurse . Tired but still going…

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I know what you mean, I have heard alot also. Not while it’s happening but later I have to laugh cause they just don’t really understand, but it still hurts. Adults can be even more mean than children, that’s why you have to teach your children to be respectful and just because you think it you don’t have to say it. Some people just don’t understand or even have never heard of the condition and put people in the same boat with those who just don’t take care of their hygiene. At some point you pray for strength stay away from others as much as possible, to avoid anxiety of course this is not always possible. I too am a nurse and it’s like one of the worst things to deal with. No matter what I tried only worked temporarily, Almost debilitating. I now work at home as a case manager but still have to be around others if go to the store, go to worship meetings etc. It’s exhausting trying to just be in the company of others without smelling and being embarrassed. I say all of that to say I understand what you are going through. But hang in there and know others are pulling for you to keep your spirits up and hopefully find a way to lighten some of the symptoms and deal with the things that you can’t change. It’s not easy but is doable. Praying for your endurance,

Hello, I am new to this forum but not new to TMAU. I have had this condition since childhood but didn’t know anything about it. In other words, I thought it was just the way it was… I had bad breath constantly as a young person. Always was chewing gum hoping it would go away. I would have to have an enema or laxative often because the smell would get bad. I was eating fish or Fridays not knowing that was one of the culprits… I did not have many friends. But to look on the bright side, I was not depressed. I did take baths as a child every night with safeguard (it was not antibacterial in those days) but it did the job so I did not have a body odor. My clothes were cleaned with Tide detergent and that took away the smell. I believe with all the new stuff out here especially with so much chemicals in our personal hygiene products it really hard to say what is working and was is not. Also, if is working for a time, the company decides to add something that does not agree with our body chemistry. I am just saying it was easier for me to control my odor back then than it is today.

Good morning, how you had a good week. Glad you joined in to share your story. There are so many products available now to help temporarily and some make our lives a lot better. But everyone is different with their own body chemistry- I agree a lot of products just carry a marketing strategy for purchasing their product. We have to determine what works best for ourselves. I developed somewhat a social phobia and would just rather not be around others if can help it. on top of all of this as getting older and having other medical issues, I’m dealing with incontinence. I say that almost with tears. It’s always something we have to deal with but still each situation could possibly be worst when you look at some other people’s tribulations. I wish I was more in tune with my body and more proactive years ago. I have a pretty horrible reputation as far as hygiene. Everything was so embarassing - I became depressed and overly neurotic cause my family did not understand so was not able to help. Well nothing I can do about the past but I am more aware now and try harder -even if what I’m doing doesn’t work. The shame follows me like a stormy cloud but I have to deal with it. I just want others to know they are not alone. I am a strong believer in praying for strength. Trials may not be taken away but I believe through prayer we can gain strength to deal with what we are going through. Everyone has a bad day eventually in some perspective but it’s there are more horrible days than not for those suffering from a body odor syndrome. Anyway hope everyone is finding their moments of sunshine everyday even if only for a little while.
take care - hoping and praying for comfort