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I am a married 40 year old female with 2 beautiful children both boys ages 5 and 11

I’m just a girl looking out for who she loves and remembering who she has lost. Nothing fancy about me…

I have PPMS, dx in 1995 with RR. I’m working with two scientists to come up with drug for PP.

I have had this disease all my life. My mother had the same disease when I was a child and I grew up with my two sisters being carers. I then found out 20 years ago I had the same disease. Only after I had my second child did I become ill. Iwould like to speak to someone else with the same illness and know how to deal with living with this nightmare.

i have ms for 6 years now i am a widow with 3 children and 3 grandchildren i am 50 years old and i have no life

I am 13 years old living with ms. I was diagnosed in May, of 2004. I am graduating 8th grade this year with all my passing grades, and I express myself by writing lyrics and recording songs with my father!!

I am 13 living with ms. I was diagnosed in 2004, 11. Doing Copaxone, and I am living strong with this condition. I write lyrics and record them with my father and brother. I am very interested in music, it’s a big inspiration for me.

I was diagnosed with bipolar in January of 2006

I was diagnosed with the relapsing/remitting form of MS on August 29th 2005. I have been pretty healthy thus far, have have only had 3 actual attacks in this time period. I work part-time as a SLP and thus am actually also a profession who occasionally has patients with the disease as well! Going through the diagnosis process and living with the disease has made me a very firm believer and supporter of patient rights. It’s your body, your disease, your choice about what you do with it…dont let docs bully you! Remember, doctors work for YOU its not the other way around!!! I am always interested in meeting others with the disease, those who are related or in relationships with MS’ers, and even just those who are interested in learning more about MS. I’m extremely open about the disease so feel free to contact me about it any time! :slight_smile:

I have two tots 5 & 2. I was diagnosed 3-7-07 with Relapse/remitting MS. I have had 6 MRI/MRAs and I have 11 lesions in my brain. Started Copaxone 3-23-07 and doing quite well with it.
Graves disease/Thyroid Cancer
Asthma and allergies
Ovarian cystitis

I am 55 and was just diagnosed last September and am still coming to terms with the disease. I was fortunate that the diagnosis was fairly quick and was started on Copaxone within 3 weeks of seeing the neuro (the second of 3) but realize I have probably had the disease for more than 20 years. I thank God for the MRI technology they have today!

I am separated from my husband, both physically and emotionally, and have 2 beautiful daughters who are the bonuses of a bad mistake!

I’d like to connect with others who have this confusing disease and see how they cope with it.

I am currently diagnosed as PPMS and would like to get back to work but other health issues are currently holding me back. The financial stress along with 3 upcoming surgeries (all “same day” but long term recovery) have not made it easy for aggressive treatment by my neuro. I would like to stay as active as I possibly can and ignore the MS as much as it will let me!

I found out at christmas that i have MS, I have had many problems for a long time including, tingling face, Numb leg hip and foot.I also get electric type shock feeling from my neck to my feet when i bend my neck forward. I also had an eye problem. At christmas the right side of my face, head & mouth went numb, this was when i was sent to hospital with my gp thinking i had a stroke, 7 hours of tests showed MS.

I am 42 years old. I live in Wisconsin. My wife & I own and operate our own sign buisness. I was diagnosed with MS in sept of 2006 but have had symptoms for many years.

Diagnosed with MS in May, 1984. Doing well with natural remedies; Exercise, Vitamins, Minerals, no drugs, no dairy, no gluten. I have written 3 books about MS;

Just finishing a forth book that is not about MS. But is about the good things that have occurred in my life that simply cannot be coincidental. It is titled "Doubting Thomas ".

I’m 22, and have been diagnosed with MS for two years. I’m currently collecting stories from people with MS and putting them into a book.

I am a 36 year old father of two boys (ages 6 and 3 months). I have been married for almost 10 years. I was diagnosed in March 2003 and have been on Betaseron ever since.

I am a 28yr old single mom. Was dxd in May '06. I am of course interested in this condition because I have it. Would like to connect with people in my area and always looking to learn as much as I can.

My next door neighbor (very close residences) female, age 40; has full blown ms and no longer cares if what she says causes harm to others. She blames the world for her ms and as management does not understand her condition they accept what she says as truth and I don’t know how to cope with her damaging prevarications. When someone who has no power to help and could only harm by complaining or defending myself I would like advice as to how to live along side her in peace and harmony.

I’M a single mother of two living with this condition.
It has gotten worse.
Please Please I need someone to talk to about MS.