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I am a 40 yo female whose mother has ovarian cancer stage 3C. Her surgery was at the beginning of Feb '07 and is still recouperating from it. She has a wound vac on due to the depth of the wound. She has had no chemo as of yet but that will commence as soon as the wound is healed. We are feeling a bit helpless at this point because she has cancer remaining in her upper lymph system and she is complaining of abdominal pain not related to the surgery site. That’s where we are right now, we see her oncologist again on 4/18 hoping for a start date for chemo



50 yr old obstetrical/neonatal nurse in maine
2/05 dx with ovca 3C, taxol/carbo x6, 10 mos remission then relapse 5/06, experimental AZD2171 x6mos, 2/07 taxol/carbo to finish 5/07.



Hi my name is Chookey l had ovca dx july 06 gct and would like to know as much as l can on this tpye of ovca



I was diagnosed with Ovarian stage 3 in 2004. I just made it into remission for the 2nd time. I’m also BRCA 1 positive and elected to have both my breast removed in 2006. I like to meet other cancer patients and caregivers and to give them encouragement and support.



My name is Marilyn. I live in Northeastern Ontario.
I was dx with Ovarian Cancer on April 21, 2006. Have done the carbo/toxol chemo, surgery etc and presently have my CA125 down to 15.
Have a son/daughter living in Ottawa and a hubby, dog and cat sharing the house.



I am a 57-year-old technical writer, amateur musician, and grandmother of 2. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June, 2005, stage 3C. I had 6 treatments of taxol/carbo followed by 12 more treatments of taxol as consolidation therapy. I’ve been in remission since December, 2005. I especially like to hear stories from long-term survivors because it gives me hope.



NED 12/06



I have ovarian cancer. I have been through 4 kinds of chemo. I have taken 2 months off and go back next week to decide what to do next. I would like the support that a group like this would bring. I live with my 85 year old parents as their main caretaker. Sometimes my plate is rather full and I don’t like to worry them.



Stage 3B ovarian cancer diagnosed, about to start chemo. Interested in talking to others in similar situations.



Hi, my name is Shirley and I was diag. with Ovarian cancer 3c Dec. 2004. I’m in remission now for the 2nd time and will be having a Pet-scan in June to make sure that I’m in remission. I’ll be glad to help you with any questions you have. Or just to give you emotional support. Just remember, your not alone.

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Hi Peggy

I have Stage 3B serous ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed one year ago so have
gone through the mill so to speak. I had my last chemo Oct. 13/06 and have
had 2 clear check-ups

If you want to talk to some one with the same numbers, I am just one year
ahead of you.

Marilyn B.
Stage IIIB
DX Apr./06



Diagnoised with Stage IIC January 2005.
Second Surgery May 2005 for bowel obstruction.
Last Chem July 2005. Althrough the treatment left me quit battered, (Many side problems, eg. shingles,), I know I’ve turned my back on and walked away from this Disease. I still have my port and my Gyn-Onc is not cuttng me loose yet, but I 'm done with being sick. I also know that there are many who can not turn and walk away so easily. I’d like to help those people, if I can.



I am 37 yrs old, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage IIIc , Sept. 28th 2003. I had a complete hysterectomy and tumor debulking on Oct. 1, 2003. Went through six rounds of treatments, taking carbo and taxol. Beat that cancer right down. My ca125 when I was diagnosed was 1428. I beat down the cancer in 04. It is now 2007, I was diagnosed with recurring ovarian cancer in sept of 06. I started chemo treatments once a month on Doxil. I had horrible side effects, so after six months of doxil they switched me to what I get now, topotecan. Seems to be working. Bring the numbers down, fluid staying off my tummy, not building up in there, and not near the side effects. I have been on that for two months now. My schedule now is every three weeks I get chemo. I get chemo Monday through Friday every day for a week straight, then I get two weeks off. I have chronic pain, however I am very happy. There are good days and bad days, and I just never know what it is gonna be til I get up. I also am diagnosed as bipolar. Anything else ask. I am married to my best friend. I have one daughter that is 20 yrs old now and lives here with us. She is great!! I have a baby Cocoa, she is a 2 yr old chihuahua. Hobbies include, reading, geocaching, gardening, baking.




I am a 4-year survivor of stage-IV ovarian cancer.




A pleasant day to all!
I am looking for information regarding ovarian and cervical cancer. My pap recently showed atypical glandular cells, squamous cells, inflammation, and vaginosis. No signs of HPV. I just had an endometrial biopsy and colposcopy and right now I am waiting on the results. I also have an enlarged uterus and cystic ovaries after having a ct and transvaginal ultrasound.
Any information and support will be greatly appreciated. I am a little scared and anxious. I do have an 11 year old and can’t help but think suppose this is worse than I think?
Thank you.l



Hi. My names is Maxier. I was dx in 2004 with OVCA, had a very large cancerous tumor removed, then recurred in 2006 and had a very big tumor removed again, also 12 inches of colon.

For now, i am in remission.



Hi :slight_smile: My name is Tracy and I am fighting stage IV ovarian cancer (diagnosed in Feb. 06). I am looking to connect with others fighting this battle as well. One can never have enough support!!



June 2006 started my journey with ovarian cancer, surgery and 6 tretments of chemo later which ended in November 2006 I am currently a survivor. Each 3 month checkup is terrifying as I hold my breath for the results to return. I still have alot of fatigue and numbness in my feet and aches but am thankful to be alive!!! Want to connect with others who have had similar occurances in their lives.



I am a 31 year old woamn who has ovarian cancer. I have recurred and am currently on a clinical trial. I have had trouble finding other woman in my situation. I am looking for a compassionate, understanding community.