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I have severe sleep apnea. I am married, have one son, and live in Idaho. I am hoping to continue learning about sleep apnea and keep up with current treatments. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to help others.

I’m a 41 year old single woman who has had sleep apnea for 3 1/2 years now. I live in the Houston area.

I am a 49-year-old woman suffering from sleep apnea. I want to stay aware of this disease and know how I can help myself.

I am a 47 year sleep apnea sufferer from
the Madison area in Wisconsin

I am just over 3 years with a CPAP.

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have SA … would like to help & get help

I have been recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I am waiting to be contacted after my sleep trial with a cpap, hopefully i will hear tomorrow. I am anxious to get quality sleep so i don’t feel so tired all the time.

I am a clay artist and a bartender who has severe sleep apnea. I am looking for support with using a bi pap.

I am a clay artist and a bartender who has severe sleep apnea. I am looking for support with using a bi pap.

Coming over from the Yahoo group. Sally Hines
I have sleep apnea for as long as I can remember. Using CPAP for over 7 years now.

I’m a 24 year old Graduate Student in Counselor Education. I plan to work in a college with GLBT students. I have sleep apnea and in high school had Pseudotumor Cerebri.

Hi all.  I am joining as a result of a post in a Yahoo group, and am now just checking out the site.  I have severe sleep apnea (AHI=50 something).  I was diagnosed last year, but I think I have had it for many  years prior. I started out on a straight CPAP, and recently purchased a 420E APAP, so I'm trying to learn and adjust to it now.

One of my goals is to keep a OSA journal here.   We'll see how that goes.

I have severe sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. This group has been so helpful in choosing cpap machines, masks, support during sleep studies, and so much more.

Have only had my ffm for 1 month. I am finally getting to feel that it is a part of me at night.

60 years old, diagnosed 3 years ago. Machine gave me my life back. Business almost went broke, almost lost everything, I did keep the house , the dog and most of all my wife. So its all good

I’m a 36 yr old female from Upstate New York. I’ve been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea for 5 yrs now. I am interested in talking with others who deal with this also.

I have been using my VPAP for one year.