Sleep Apnea Member Introductions


I suffer from sleep apnea and would love to have some support. My husband hates the CPAP machine and I have been having GI problems for almost 2 weeks and have been unable to eat and drink very litt during that time. He is blaming the machine and I haven’t been using it for the past week I sleep all night with a killer headache. By the way my name is Debbie and I am from Troy Vermont.


Hi Everyone,
My name is Dee and I am a medical student in CT researching obstructive sleep apnea and its effects on daily activities, lifestyle (sleeping, working, etc), when it was diagnosed and how (who diagnosed you), and is there anything that you would want to share with me that will help future patients dealing with this in their lives…any pearls can you share that will improve the care I can provide to them?

Thanks so very much!!!


I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I hope to be able to get some practical advice on how to cope with it.


I am an aid worker and I was diagnosed in May 2007. I am 53 and married. I like reading, swimming, electronics, computers and movies.


I am someone with “severe” sleep apnea. and I am looking to see how others deal with it.


hello, my name is glazman101. and i have been told that i may suffer from sleep apnea. i do have lots of the symptoms such as concentration at work, feeling like falling asleep at the wheel, anxiety, left leg appears to be a bit swollen above the ancle. feel lie i havent slep in day after 8 hours of sleep, memory problems, hard to get to sleep and difficulty staying asleep. i have mood swings and a low tolorance to my kids who i love. some one help this really stinks.


My 10 month old son has severe sleep apnea. I would like to meet other parents who are going through the same thing.


I am a 55 year old woman, I weigh 193 lbs. I have severe sleep apnea. I would like to hear what other people with the same problem have to offer about there condition and maybe get some helpful hints about equipment and stuff.


I have had sleep apnea for many years. After the side effects of daytime tiredness and lack of energy became acute I sought treatment and now am using a cpap machine.


Recently diagnosed with OSA. Have had my titration study and am awaiting the results. I’m in information gathering mode right now.


Hi, I have been recently been diagnosed with Severe Sleep Apnea. It’s interesting because I have also managed to be diagnosed with just about everything else too, but I believe this to be a more realistic diagnosis, simply because it was be (a) someone who knew what they were doing and (b) actually involved some testing.

Most of the others have been after the normal 2.5 minutes appointments…

Ah well, at least I finally know…


I am interested in sleep apnea because I am a sufferer myself. I snore really loud and obnoxiously. Even when I am sitting upright, I snore. Hence, I always get caught falling asleep during classes and seminars. I sometimes feel tired during the day and I snore more when I am tired. My gf said I also stop breathing while I sleep. I am looking for simple, affordable solutions to help me breathe well while sleeping.


I have been a sleep apnea patient for over 10 years. I use a c-pap machine and am interested in talking with other machine users, as well as anyone who may have had the good fortune to find a viable alternative to the machine. I began using the c-pap after my heart attack and bypass surgery, which were more than likely a direct result of my sleep apnea, weight, and arterial blockage.


Hello this is Roger in Brantford, ON. Canada. I am interesting in learning more about obstructive sleep apnea as I have recently been diagnoised with this disorder.


I learned the hard way what sleep apnea was…when I finally had the sleep study, and then tried the CPAP for the first time…my first day of reality was like a new life…everything was so bright, so new…I had slept for the first time in years.


I have Central Sleep Apnea (along with other things.) I have been using a CPAP since 2002. I consider my Sleep Apnea to be under good control. I have other medical issues which aren’t under control. I’m a work it progress.


I have severe OSA. I am 40, male and my health is seriously declining. I am currently in a holding pattern for Medi-Cal disability insurance, as I have no income and cannot work. I am seeing a specialist through the free clinic he volunteers at , and was diagnosed by him. He said on the diagnosis point scale of severity I scored a 17 out of 22. I have “sleep blackouts” and angina problems, I sleep walk 15% of the time I’m supposedly awake as well.
All he can treat is the side effects( liver and heart support) until I get the medical and receive a sleep study and a cpap. Until then I could keel over from a heart attack or stroke as without OSA to begin with they run in my family. It’s been 5 months on hold and now I just got word another month before their doc will see me to evaluate my condition. I could be dead according to my doc before i ever get the Medi-cal. They don’t get the word URGENT I guess.
I’m scared and very very depressed and about to just say to hell with it and sit and wait for my time to come.

I just need friends who can listen.
My GF tries to be understanding but since shes supporting the rent and frustrated in her own right, its hard to get any support from her. She acts at times like I’m just pretending or something… that hurts too.


I’m a thirty-one year old male with sleep apnea. I’m 5’9" and 120 pounds. My sleep doctor says that I have “a small windpipe.” He has me on a CPAP, but it doesn’t seem to help. I go through phases where I’ll wake up continually throughout each night for a couple weeks, and then I’ll start to sleep fine, even without the machine. I’d like to know if there are other successful treatments besides CPAP. I’ve heard horror stories about the surgeries. A friend of a friend supposedly treats his SA with a nightly medication. Does anyone else out there do the same?


I’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea and I’m having some trouble adjusting to the treatment.


Hi everyone! I just joined and hopefully will be able to find some suggestions to help in adjusting to the treatment for my sleep apnea.
I have asthma and when I use the cpap machine I sometimes feel like I’m not getting enough air. They (th doctors) say that with using the cpap I will be sleeping better- not so far - have more energy - yeah, right. couldn’t prove it by me!- and that my life in general will be better.
I’m not finding this to be true and it’s getting really frustrating. Sometimes it feels like the whole thing is a con, a sham. But I do have to admit to one positive aspect. I had been waking up with killer headaches and when using the cpap I don’t have them. If I skip using it, the headaches return. I guess it’s better than nothing.