Sleep Apnea Member Introductions


my husband and one of my three sons have been diagnose with sleep apnea, but they are too busy to to do something about it. My husband has been living with it since I have known it (25 years) and would fall asleep anywhere (restaurant , movies,car…).When I say something about it (Why don’t you see a doctor?) , he feels that I am making something big of something not that important and dive into his work. I have also discovered ( by searching on internet) that he has ADD and keeps on moving all the time. Two of my sons might have it as well.
I don’t know how to help without making him upset.
I would be happy to learn about the treatment (that work!)
The idea of sleeping with the machine doesn’t appeal to him and thei surgery scares him to death…
He doesn’t breath well because the air passage in his nose is very narrow , and always has his mouth open. His throat is also narrow and needs an other surgery.
I would like to connect with anybody who had sleep apnea or somebody who knows well the sickness and can give me tips.


My name is Sharon. I’ve had sleep apnea and been on a CPAP since about 1989. My CPAP is a dinasaur and I’m looking at getting a new one. I’d like to talk to others who share the same experiences.


I have sleep apnea


Just looking to chat with others who have Sleep Apnea and share other issues such as back pain, the need for oxygen 24/7, Weight Watchers for weight loss. Even talk about cats, of which I have two.


I was diag. w/both types of SA, and I use a BiPap 16-21pres, w/the stopbreathing failsafe…pretty bad huh? I cant even get a good seal on a full face mask beacause of the high pres… :slight_smile:


I am interested in sleep apnea because I have sleep apnea. I am always interested in ways to better manage this disorders, new treatments.


User for 2000 hours.


I’m a 37 year old make with Complex Sleep apnea in addition to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Pain Syndrome.

Seattle, WA


My 12 year old son had OSAS, had his tonsils out to ‘cure’ him and he died. My husband also has it.


Hi All,
I am a 59 yr old sleepy lady. I have been useing my cpap -apap foe 12 yrs now and I love hearing from others with same promblems.


Been a hosehead for almost two years and like to keep in touch with others


I have a son that suffers from sleep apnea and is over weight. I don’t know what to do to help him or get him motivated to help himself


I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea for over two years and just looking for support.


My name is Karen Shaver, I am a 61 year old retired RN. I am on my second month of CPAP with an ultramirage full face mask. My problem right now is with my sinuses clogging my throat and not being able to wear the mask right now.


I have apnea.


I have sleep apnea and like to meet others with it.


because i too have it also other medical conditions. that you have lisited on your suites.


I’ve been on CPAP for over a year now and am interested to know about tips for living with OSA.


Hi, I was dxed severe sleep apnea with prolonged central aps and profound desaturations in December 2003. I use a Res-Med VPAP ST III.
I was on O2 for a year and a half…traded it for much higher pressure
and a full-face mask. I’m going to be doing volunteer work for the local sleep lab and AWAKE group. Hope to make friends here and share whatever I learn. My dearly loved VPAP changed my life.
Best thoughts, Nancy/Kaiwaina


Having been on CPAP for over 10 years, I am still trying to find out why I am so tired.