How many of you experience problems either with heat or cold? I know of one other person with CP who says that thermoregulation is a problem.


I get chills every now and then



I bounce between hot and cold. I thought it was because I am post menopausal. ; )



I wonder if the anyone finds they cannot tolerate the 'Heat" like I use to be able to and now if I am out in it too long I end up with much pain and nausea? I think that is what warrens asking also !



No, I just find mornings very painful. Do you?




I am post menopausal as well. It may our stage of life… but I find I get cold easily.



I don’t tollerate temperature changes well at all. When I get cold I shake and my body just shuts down. It has been better lately I recieve regular Iron infusions and that seems to help. When I get hot I over heat so quickly I get sweaty, nauseous It feels like a hot flash (well at least what I know I’m only 29). Most of the hot flashes seem to be trigered by eating foods my body diesn’t like and the gastric dumping syndrome. However when my enzyme levels are out of wack I get major wet sweats, often in the middle of the night.


That is how I am also, I do not tolerate outside well either, it seems to add to the pain and nausea! Funny how so much of this stuff hits at night, that and waking up are my very worst parts of the day ! I wonder what mornings and evenings have to do with all this cp.



Yeah, nighttime seems worse for me as well. Maybe just a build-up throughout the day? I hope everyone here has a safe and fun 4th!


Mornings are the toughest for me…
Happy 4th to all and G-D bless!



Not sure but at least I know I’m not crazy! Doctor thought it was odd that mornings are so darn hard. I too feel have a terrible time upon waking. The weather hasn’t bothered me too much so far. Thanks for your reply!



I’m 38 and not even perimenopausal but have found that I can’t tolerate heat at all any more. Actually Now my husband get annoyed with me cause even a sheet can be too much. I sweat a lot.

Sweating has become a warning sign for me that I’m over doing. I like most women have been always freezing now the opposite.

Thought it was just me.


Nope I to have this problem, I had a hystrectomy 10 years ago and I was always cold, but now wow hot hot hot!!! Have a super day, and a pain free cool day…

With Love,
Barb :slight_smile:


I do not think it is just you !!! I am so like that now, almost always now the heat bothers me and when I am flared up it is sooo much worse, it seems the longer I have had this cp the worse it gets ! Our summer days in kansas are a killer and I have the a.c. and fans running all through the house, the only way I can survive, I even sleep with a fan on me with the air and I am so restless at night I never have blankets on me ! The pain in my tummy makes me toss and turn so bad I never feel like I get a good nights sleep. It just is a nasty disease ! Hang in
there !



Hi Mrs. Barb ! Do you relate your hotness to the cp also ? Just wondering.


the weather doesn’t seem to bother me…however once in awhile I get night sweats. I use to think that maybe I was approaching menopause and that was the cause, but I don’t have them that often.


OK have to say that I’m not trying to sell anything here but I found a product that helps me with the heat - especially at night. It’s called a Chillow. It runs about $30 but I think it’s worth every penny. It has a thin foam inside it to keep the water stable I guess. All I know is that I put it in the fridge for about 30 min and put it on my pillow when I go to sleep. It stays really cool for about an hour. When it no longer feels cool I simply move over to another spot on the chillow.

It really helps me with how hot I get at night. I have found that if I can keep my head and back of my neck cool the rest of me does better too.

The other thing is that when my nausea kicks in the chillow also helps with that too. I don’t know why but getting the back of my neck cooled off helps to reduce my nausea.

(Some people find that it at room temp is cool enough for them - but I prefer it chilled.)

Anyway I just wanted to share something that works for me. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to tell you guys about it sooner. Better late than never, right??


That is a good idea ! See that is why it is important and so much fun to communicate in a group like this as we help each other !

Thanks, great idea!


Question: I am finding that after I eat carbs like pasta, I break into a sweat as if my body is trying so hard to digest… I have this sweat (worse than hot flashes) for 20-30 minutes. Ugh! It’s awful. I am soaked at the end of it!.. Haven’t been able to eat cooked veggies but had some luck with soft fruit like peaches. Found semi-soft cheese (like Brie) impossible to digest.

Anybody have the sweats after eating too? The one thing that is easy and keeps me cool is Edy’s Fruit Pops- no sugar added. It comes in a box of three flavors and they are 30 calories each. Have them several times a day…or night. Try this- it may help.



I’m new to this. Please tell me what is CP.

Thank you,