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I believe that I have this conditions. My doctor do not want to send me for testing. What should

I’m 48 and just discovered trimethylaminuria. I have had problems with vaginal odors that seem to fit what I’ve read about this. (I have checked for other possible causes with out success). Fortunately it is not bad but definately annoying. I’ve had clear yellow vaginal discharge (fishy to ammonia like at times) for as long as I can remember. Is the yellow watery discharge part of trimethylaminuria? (it’s not urine, of that I am certain)… thanks for your feedback…

We are trying to determine if my wife, who is going thru menopause, has this condition.

just here looking for some answers and believers.

show support

runs in our family

I would like to find out more about this condition as i think I have it, but never had it diagnosed.

I am a fellow sufferer

I believe that i have this condition so i want to talk to others about it…and maybe ways of dealing with it…

I have had tmau since i was 10 years old (that’s when i began to notice it) and i am now 34 years old. I live in London. This condition troubles me a lot and i am on treatment for depression because of it. I would like to be in touch with people like me.

I’ve had bad bo for about 12 years now. I’ve been to 5 different drs. with no help. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on tmau…and I think I might have it…i’m not sure. I just need some help :frowning:

i think I have this condition. I would like to know what the diet is.

Because since 1997, I have been having smell that taking a bath several times a day does not help. I talked to doctors and they said they don’t smell anything. But when I am out and about other people says different.


My daughter (now aged 12) was diagnosed with tma when she was about 4/5. This was after seeing an article in a magazine that described her symptoms (fish smell-bad!) and after home experimenting with fish & eggs we marched down to the doctors to ask for professional help (armed with article).

The doctor tried to fob off with not enough baths etc. I refused to budge so was referred to hospital and luckily consultant seemed to know what they were talking about and after under going tests diagnosis was confirmed.

Would like to find out more about this condition as daughter now approaching puberty and although condition has been controlled (most of the time) by diet am now finding that it is becoming more noticeable and would like to be armed with facts so that I can discuss with her. It would help her I think to be able to interact with other people who know what she is going through.

Hi. My name is Serenity, and I have been dealing with this problem for several years. I didn’t realize it had a name until I saw it on the Tyra Banks show. Thank you for providing a support group for those of us who have suffered in silence. I look forward to learning with you on how to deal and cope with this disorder.

I think i have this condition and instead of sitting around with self pity, I would love to learnt to live with it. So i want to learn everything about it.

I started to have this unusually body odor when I was probably about 15 years old. I had no clue what is was in the beginning. I did notice that I suddenly lost a lot of friends this way.

Everyone at school was avoiding; nobody didn’t want to sit next to me and if they were assign to be seated next to me, they would started to make rude comments about how awful I smell. Practically I was teased by everyone from school, students, teachers and oh, the school security guards. They all think I have a serious hygiene problem assuming that I refuse to bathe daily.

On my way to school and home the harassment doesn’t stop there, I had to hear rude comments by random strangers on the train. The 3 years (not including my freshman year) I’ve spent in high school was horrible. I fell into a deep depression. Of course suicide was always on my mind, it was great way to end this miserable life that I had. But with funeral expenses and all, I didn’t want to be a burden to my mother.

So, I moved on, went to college after graduating from high school. And its all happening again, nothing has change, its like being stuck in a twilight zone.
The constant teasing I had to endure was getting worse that I had to drop out of college. I couldn’t learn or even concentrate in class even if I wanted to.

I got a job as nanny and still I feel like going back to school and completing my degree. After all these years and still living with this condition, I was not happy about how I’m living my life. I started to do some research on the Internet and found out about Trimethylaminuria. In hopes of joining a support group, I want to learn more about Trimethylaminuria and meet others who too are living with this condition.

I have suffered from this condition since i was 10 and i am now 34 years old.

I believe to have it. I need to have more info about it since my doctor is ignorant about the condition.

Fellow-sufferer seeking info and support.