Cystic Fibrosis Member Introductions

My 16 year old daughter has CF. I am looking for support.

recently diagnosed with a rare genetic deformity, just wanting a little more info

I have cf and am finding myself bein admitted every coiuple of months. how frustrating. i’m noticing my body is slowing down but my spirit just wants to keep going! i need motivation to do things right!

I am a 25 yr old CF patient about to get married in 2 weeks. So in a couple of years I would love to be able to have children…

I have cystic fibrosis. i am 22 years old living in CALI. How is everyone doing. I’d like to meet others here with CF.

My daughter has it, and i just want to speak to others that have it too. To get the word out and let others know how to help or build a team together

Other people with cystic fibrosis

My son is five months old now and was diagnosed with cf when i was 18 weeks pregnant with him. I want to learn more about the condition by hearing other experiences outside of what I am told by doctors and what I read. I hope to gain support and sharre my experiences with others.

I would like to know how close scientists are to a cure for cystic fibrosis. My daughter who is 5 years old has cystic fibrosis and I would like to keep up with the research.

I am a 26 yr old with cystic fibrosis. I live in PA.

A freinds son was just diagnosed

My best friend is 33 years old and has cystic fibrosis. Her lung function is down to varying between 33%-50%. She was told by her doctor that she needs to go on disability and she may live two or more years. She is the general manager of a convenience store, so her workload consists of long hours, heavy lifting, and contact with hundreds of people carrying germs that can make her sick. She wants to go on disability, but everyone we’ve talked to says she has to go without income for six months before she can receive it. This is not possible for her, though, because she is a single mother. She cannot go without income for so long and still be able to raise her daughter. I’m joining this community to seek information about other ways for my friend to get on disability without having to totally quit work for so long. If she doesn’t go on disability and continues to work, she may die in as soon as six months. I’m very concerned for her and her daughter and want to know if anyone has any information about terminal illness disability claims. Are there any good lawyers or agencies that deal with this type of situation? Has anyone gone through a similar experience and do you have any good advice?

Thank You,

Lacey Bensink

I have Cystic Fibrosis.

mother to a two-year ol boy with CF

My newborn nephew has been diagnosed with C.F.

Hello, I have a Great-Nephew who is waiting for double lung transplant. He is 36 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis.
I love him very much and am interesting to know all that I can about his disease. He also has Diabetes.

my name is ashley and i’ve been living with cystic fibrosis for 18 years. i been having a hard time being around friends who dont understand it. they are more afriad then i get. i explained up and down to my bestfriends they understand alittle bit but also known me for years. there are new friends in my life, that im so afriad they will judge me for what i have then who i really am as a person. i can never finds ways to say it or why i take meds before i eat or seveal meds aday. i’ve been picked on as a kid for having this illness and im tired of being different then everyone else. its hard to not know anyone with cf to share storys with. mostly to have someone understand what i’ve been through or how i have to live day by day with cystic fibrosis…college is right around the corner nd that makes me so worried i wont make any friends. its really hard living like this i would like to meet some great people out there who have it and here there storys.

because i know two kids with it

Hello, my name is Cloyce. I’ve had two children diagnosed with CF. My oldest child died at the age of 5 in 1981 due to CF. My second child is now 24 and has cf. She had a double lung transplant in 1999. My third child is 12 and does not have CF.

my new grandson has the symptons they have taken test…how long does it normally take???they removed an obstruction friday when he was 4 days old and said they were testing, he was taken early shy of 8 months of term, I wonder why nothing is known yet…thank you tina