Sleep Apnea Member Introductions


I have been diagnosed with OSA and been trying to adapt to a CPAP machine. It’s been a battle and I know there are others with the same problems. I’m from the yahoo group and I’ve learned quite a few tricks to make it easier on me from them. It’s just nice to know you’re not alone.


osa- 10+ years


There are so many things to say, at this moment I am not certain what I want from this suport group. However I would like to keep myself open to new idea’s and possibley experiences.


Want to know if anyone in Houston area has gone to a sleep clinic that did not feel like it existed only to sell machines.

Also, has anyone tried and machines with just nose tubes as opposed to a full mask, quiet and small for traval?


Hi, I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, but haven’t gotten started and a cpap yet. I hate the thouht of sleeping with the mask on.


Hi, I’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea over 2 years now.


I have a severe type of obstructive sleep apnea. I am having problems with even a bi-pap machine and now am told I may need a vpap.


I have had Sleep Apnea for 5 years now and I still have problems with my C-Pap masks…just wanted to share with others…JDA


I have Severe Sleep Apnea and I want to learn more about it.


Im Gary. I have sleep Apnea.


always looking to share support and issues


Diagnosed with OSA in December 2006
100% (almost) compliant with CPAP (APAP) therapy since day 1
Internet comunities were invaluable for overcoming initial discomfort of the therapy.
I might as well help others with my experience.



Howdy folks! My name is Paul and I’ve been on CPAP therapy for approx. 7 years now. The quality of my life has increased dramatically since I became a hose-head. Before, I used to get migraine headaches on a regular basis and would frequently almost fall asleep behind the wheel – scary stuff! Since CPAP, I’ve not had one headache and I’m more alert and awake, all day long. I’d love to meet more people like me, and share experiences and offer support. Thanks!


Member of Sleep Apnea


Hi,my name is Al and I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and use a ResMed AutoSet Spirit for a few months now and feel a little better.My next goal is to continue to lose weight and get more exercise.Thats all for now,got to leave for work.Thanks for inviting me…Al


My husband has been dealing with Sleep Apnea and a multitude of other issues for the past year and a half. Having a support group that I can go to is helping me to help him.


Hello, I have had sleep apnea for a year.  I got to where I could not tolerate my mask and thought I was suffocating each night at bedtime.  I went to an ENT and he did a septopasty, UP3 and a Tonsillectomy and my breathing has greatly improved.  I am sleeping good each night with the CPAP.


I have Sleep Apnea


I was diagnosed with sleep apnea two years ago. I have finally gotten used to my CPAP using Resmed nasal pillows and am sleeping well.


47 yo male on CPAP for approx. 1 year. Like to hear how others are dealing with the therapy.