Sleep Apnea Member Introductions


I have sleep apnea, I’m always looking for better mask’s or a better more comfortable way to deal with it.


I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 2 years ago and was told I have probably had it most of my life. The only reason it was checked was my dear husband was losing sleep not because of my snoring but because I would stop breathing so many times. He was the one who convinced my doctor to check this. I would like to know how others cope with this and any suggestions for spouses who still are concerned. also if anyone has allergies what suggestions do you have for using the CPAP, it keeps me up especially if my nose is stuffed.


CPAP user since 2003.


i have had this condition for many years and always want to hear how others cope with it. also suffer from EDS.


I have apnea and want to learn more.


I have sleep apnea


I’m here from the yahoogroup


Diagnosed with sleep apnea in July 2005 . . . having good success adapting to CPAP. enjoying learning from members from each of the groups I am part of.


Hey! I’m Brenda and I have Sleep Apnea. I have been treating with CPAP for about three years and have really come to feel like a NEW person. Before treatment, I started falling asleep while driving. If it hadn’t been for the rumbles they put along side and in the middle of the road I was on, I’d probably be dead. I thank the Lord He kept me safe. I couldn’t stand the ugly machine, so I designed cotton covers for the head strap and tubing–really changed how I look at ugly! LOL I sell them, too, so if anyone is interested, you can see them at (hurry, the sites disappears in June) or
I am really grateful for the people who came up with the idea of CPAP. I was slowly dying and didn’t know it!


Hi my name is Diane and I am interested in this condition because I was diagnosed w/severe sleep apnea about 2yrs ago and still struggling to achieve good therapy. Interested in getting ideas from other people and support and to offer what I can.


newly diagnosed, use res med auto set vantage.


Hi–I’m a 44-year old man living in Brooklyn, NY. I was diagnosed with OSA nearly 2 years ago, and I’ve been using CPAP since late-2005. I’m on an exercise and weight loss plan, and hope to get my BMI down far enough that I can discontinue CPAP.


Longtime apnea sufferer, not overweight.


I’ve recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea and just received my CPAP machine today.


I left the office early today. If this message arrives after I leave, I will respond to it on the next work day.

Thank you.

Kathy Borthwick


I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea about two months ago and have just begun using a CPAP machine this week. I want to learn from others who have much more experience and understanding and gain support for my journey.


I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea.Want to connect with others who have it.Have much to learn I think.:slight_smile:


Hi everyone:

My name is Pat and I have several things which has brought me here. They are

Cerebral Palsy, Cellulitis (ala Thyroid condition), Diabetes (Type I), Epilepsy

(Though I have yet to understand why there’s no forum here for that *Hint…Hint

CarePlace Staff :slight_smile: ) & Sleep Apnea (I was pleasantly surprised to see a forum

here for this :slight_smile: ).

I’ve had Cerebral Palsy since birth and I’ve been told I’ve had Epilepsy just as

long, though I’m convinced that came along a few years later into my childhood.

I developed Cellulitis as an adult (Poor weight management, bad BMI, etc),

Diabetes just a couple of years ago (Mainly because of my weight and all the

sugar I’d eaten over the years before) and Sleep Apnea also just a couple of

years ago (Around this time of the year to be exact).

To get around town, I ride a Pride Victory scooter (Though I can and do walk short distances like around the apartment building I live in). Can’t hardly fit the thing on the bus (That’s the frustrating part), but actually I don’t mind it as much as the tradeoff is that I at least have freedom of movement. Basically, this means I can go whichever way I want to in order to get from Point A to Point B.

I see two doctors, one for my Epilepsy (A Neurologist) and the other for the rest of my problems (An Internal Medicine specialist). I see them on a quasi-regular basis.

Finally, I also have a Medical Wonders blog and VideoCast which I hope to merge into one (Currently they are two seperate blogs) and move over to CarePlace (I just LOVE themed places for my blogs :)). I will gladly post the URL when it is set up so everyone can take a look. :slight_smile:

Well anyway…I just wanted to take the time to introduce myself. I look forward to getting to know each & every one of you. :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley:

Pat Cook
Denver, Colorado


I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 4 years ago but managed to keep it at bay by losing weight. Unfortunately the weight has inexorably increased and so the Sleep Apnea has also. I have recently been referred for a sleep study followed probably by the fitting of a CPAP ‘device’.


I was diagnosed with moderately severe Apnea three years ago. I am on my third machine. The latest is a Remstar C-flex using a Resmed nose mask. I am interested in finding a better delivery method than a head-strapped nose mask.